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5 Ways to Celebrate Saudi National Day Across the Kingdom

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Sunday, September 23 is the 88th Saudi National Day. To mark the festive occasion, government bodies and authorities in the Kingdom have teamed up to create a comprehensive festive program listed on the Roznamah website. The itinerary includes activities and events to be held in all Saudi cities, provinces and regions, so Saudi nationals can celebrate the public holiday in style. Read on for five different ways to celebrate the National Day in Saudi Arabia.

Record-breaking firework display
The Kingdom plans to break a Guinness world record by launching nearly 100,000 fireworks at once from 58 platforms situated across 13 provinces, to form the green background of the Saudi flag. Meanwhile, drones will create an image of the flag’s white horizontal sword and the Shahada, simultaneously breaking another record for forming the largest flag in the world.

 Cirque du Soleil in Riyadh
The Montreal-based entertainment company is heading to the Gulf country for the first time to perform a special show for Saudi Arabia’s National Day in the country’s capital Riyadh. The 60-minute display will feature more than 80 artists, 250 costumes, and a 300-foot stage at the King Fahd International Stadium. The one-off show will be one of the largest productions ever created for a single performance by Cirque du Soleil, according to the company.

National Entertainment Day carnival in Riyadh
One of the largest carnivals held in Riyadh, National Entertainment Day will run from September 20 to 23 on Prince Turki Al Awwal Road. The fun-filled event will bring together local and international orchestras, fireworks, and acrobatic and laser shows, among other activities.

Sky of Dreams show in Jeddah
Organized by the General Entertainment Authority, this event features giant balloons accompanied by a 3D display of national images, in conjunction with a live orchestra. The show is inspired by the history of Saudi Arabia and the legacy of its past to the present day.

Aerobatics & Pyrotechnics Show in Khobar
A line-up of small aircrafts will take to the sky at the Khobar Sea Front to pull a sequence of loops, spins, and rolls for thrill-seeking spectators. The adrenaline-pumping stunt show, which begins at 2pm local time and runs until 9pm, will be accompanied by fireworks and a light show.

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