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This Tunisian Organization Is Working to End Violence Against Women

How Beity Is Helping End Violence Against Women in Tunisia

With the mission of fighting “all forms of discrimination and violence against women,” Tunisian organization Association Beity has helped thousands of women out of situations in which their safety and dignity have been compromised. Using three core organizational structures, including a daycare unit, shelter, and vocational training facility, the organization aims to help victims through a strategy that prioritizes individual uniqueness and one’s personal rights.

Rooted in actions of solidarity, Beity’s mission focuses on welcoming, listening to, and administratively supporting women in difficult situations. On one hand, this includes accommodating those who require shelter, the monitoring of physical and mental health, and providing legal advice and aid. On the other, Beity aims to mobilize change through legislation and community action, using pursuits grounded in the fight for equal rights and opportunities.

Providing multi-sectoral support to victims, the organization upholds two primary objectives. The first is to develop an awareness amongst communities through advocacy campaigns and programs, while the second is to provide a multi-purpose channel for the public to engage with the organization. Through management principles of commitment, transparency, and collaboration, Beity uses both internal and external networks to pool and exchange knowledge, resources, and experiences.

Using their three organizational structures to bring their mission and objectives to life, Beity takes a comprehensive approach to healing. The daycare unit, operational since 2013, is managed by a multidisciplinary team comprising sociologists, psychologists, lawyers, doctors, and health personnel. Using an approach of empathy and respect, the unit provides women with a wide range of support and essential services including from legal advice to job searching.

Meanwhile, the shelter, also known as the Sidi Ali Azouz accommodation, is managed by a permanent day and night team of volunteers. With 30 beds, the space is made up of individual and collective rooms which comprise training, administrative, and listening areas. Lastly, the training facility or Beyt-Sawa Social Worker Training Center provides professional training specific to the benevolent care of others. With a wide range of coaching available, the objective is to enable the empowerment of women through an approach based on human rights and equality.

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