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Why This High-Tech Device is a Healthy Addition to Any Home

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A clean home is a happy home. As improbable as that may sound, there is more truth to that old adage than one would think. According to several studies, one’s living environment has a direct effect on mental and physical health and overall mood. “If your home is chaotic, cluttered, and uninspiring, your mental health and mood will mirror the environment,” says Dr Saliha Afridi, clinical psychologist and managing director at Dubai’s LightHouse Arabia Center for Wellbeing. “You will feel heavy, anxious, stressed, and blocked in your personal or professional life.” One of the reasons for this, explains Dr Afridi, is that “seeing clutter or a messy environment sends continuous signals to the brain that something needs to be done, resulting in pressure, restlessness, anxiety, and stress.”

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Keeping that in mind, balancing a healthful home with the modern woman’s jam-packed schedule can be a little tricky. Enter the newly released Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute. The latest vacuum from the technology experts makes quick work of clearing any grime without eating up hours of your precious time.

Not only is the device powered by a brand-new digital motor that is the company’s most technologically advanced yet, it features a patented cyclone technology that enables it to swallow up even the most microscopic specs of dirt. Once the dust and grime has been captured, the vacuum’s separation system ensures that they are kept inside — the completely sealed filtration system effectively traps 99.97% of airborne particles to expel cleaner air. As an added bonus, the vacuum is cordless, meaning that it can reach between every tight nook and crevice in your home, and is capable of cleaning anything from your bedroom to the car parked on your driveway.

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“Creating an environment that is clean, uncluttered, and aesthetically pleasing has a calming affect on people’s mood; it inspires them, reduces anxiety and stress, and boosts their creativity and productivity,” notes Dr Afridi. “It creates a safe and tranquil place for people to rest and recuperate from the hectic and fast paced lives, and they can lower their defenses because they are not contending with a disturbing environment.” With the Cyclone V10 Absolute, you can ensure that you are prepared to tidy up any type of environment. Featuring six different head attachments to tackle myriad cleaning situations, the vacuum can dig out dirt from the fibers of rugs and carpets, pick up debris from in between tiles, suction specs from couch cushions, and give your space a deep clean in seconds.

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Also among the cleaning device’s impressive list of features is a point-and-shoot ejector that drives dust and dirt straight into the bin, so you don’t have to physically touch the debris (or get a whiff of dust in your face). Additionally, the bin is almost 40% bigger than that of previous models, so you can clean longer and empty the bin less often. The Dyson Cyclone v10 Absolute comes with an equally attractive price tag, retailing at AED/SAR 2,200— a small price to pay for inner peace. For more information, visit

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