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Homemade With Joy Is the Kitchen Venture Taking Over Dubai This Season


In the heart of Dubai, the story of Homemade with Joy unfolds — a kitchen venture sparked by a love for nostalgic flavors.

Homemade with Joy came to be found in 2020, when the inevitable isolation that came with being under lockdown sparked co-founder Joyce Almarj’s inspiration. Almarj’s dream of starting a food venture led her to joining hands with business developer Bahaa, and the rest is history. Today, Homemade with Joy offers up a range of must-have treats, from fudge brownies to red velvet cake bites, and so much more.

“Homemade with Joy started as a boredom buster, but now it’s a journey through the delicious tastes of home,” Almarj says. “Life surprises with sweetness.” This spot isn’t just about desserts; it’s a celebration of dreams, teaching that life, like ingredients, can be blended creatively, plated as a delicious reality.

With Almarj, an F&B marketing maestro with over a decade of experience, working as the driving force behind Homemade with Joy has resulted in the business growing impressively quick in a short span of time. With each box of sweet treats, the brand is crafting a relation of love, trust, and joy with customers. “What stirs my soul? Those smiles, the ‘yum’ moments. Bringing a whiff of home to Dubai? That’s my mission,” Almarj says.

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