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HM Queen Rania Shows What a Royal Family’s Iftar Table Looks Like

Last night, Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan showed that the iftar table of a royal family is not very different from that of a regular family’s. Even the simplest of acts like having a meal become special during the Holy Month of Ramadan when it involves all the family members coming together and this was seen in a video posted by Queen Rania herself.

Their Majesties King Abdullah II and Queen Rania and HRH Crown Prince Al Hussein and HRH Prince Hashem and HRH Princess Salma at this year’s celebration of the 73rd Anniversary of Jordan’s Independence Day. Courtesy of RHCJO

In an Instagram video shared by Queen Rania to her 5 million followers, the royal family dressed in casual clothing can be seen breaking their fast by having a humble iftar in their living room. She captioned the moment with “Wonderful to have the whole family together for Iftar.”

Following the call to prayer heard in the video clip, His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan breaks his fast with water and dates and the children, Crown Prince Hussein, Princess Salma, Princess Iman, and Prince Hashem then help their mother in setting up the table. As all the members take their seats around the table, Queen Rania is seen serving food to her husband, King Abdullah and the children who then proceed to eat together.

The video offering a glimpse into Queen Rania and King Abdullah’s household was quick to go viral on social media. Arab residents were in awe of the simple nature and mannerisms of the royal family as it contrasted with the general assumption which is that royalty stands only for grandeur.

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