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How You Can Help Every Single Family in Lebanon Affected by the Covid-19 Crisis

Lebanon, Lebanese

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During these unprecedented times where poverty and unemployment rates are at an all-time high, charity organizations feel they have a greater responsibility to help those in need. One such NGO which is tirelessly working in aid of those affected by Covid-19 in Lebanon is Beit El Baraka.

According to the organization, “More than a third of the Lebanese live in pain under the extreme poverty line – earning less than 7,000 LBP/USD 4 a day.” Since the advent of Covid-19 and its resulting lockdown, even those living decent lives with jobs are left without any means to support themselves and their families, and those who relied on daily wages to survive are now unable to provide their families with basic necessities like food. To that end, Beit El Baraka has joined forces with the Lebanese Food Bank as well as 95 other associations across Lebanon, to ensure that every single family in the country is taken care of.

The organizations aim to do so by empowering the people of Lebanon with the resources to survive this crisis. Through the distribution of boxes containing food as well as vegetable seeds, the NGOs are making sure that the families do not have to rely upon food production from anyone else but themselves. Around 351 regions across Lebanon are being supplied with these boxes in a way that does not endanger their health and security — they are left at the doorstep of each house.

In order to reach their ambitious, yet achievable goal of empowering every single family in Lebanon, Beit Al Baraka is hosting a fundraiser on its website where donations can be made. To propel this initiative even further, the organization enlisted the help of Lebanese filmmakers, Elie Fahed and Ghady Azar, who created a short campaign film, highlighting the situation of those less fortunate in Lebanon. Activist and Oscar-nominated director Nadine Labaki has also lent her voice to the film, as it is one of the causes she feels passionately about, being a close ally of the NGO.

Visit to know more about the organization’s work and goals, and to make your donation.

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