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Some of the Most Heartfelt Love Letters to Lebanon


Vogue Arabia’s June 2020 issue pays tribute to Lebanon, and it’s resilience in overcoming the most difficult of times. Since the people are what makes a country, the Lebanese and their efforts are central to our issue and their voices are exemplified by Lebanese soprano and patriot Majida El Roumi who stars on the cover.

However, the people who have been and continue to be key figures in Lebanon’s progression have also been presented with Vogue Arabia covers of their own. Using it as a way to channel the everlasting love for their nation, they have shared heartfelt messages.

Below, read some of the ‘Love Letters to Lebanon’.

Zuhair Murad

“This is my love letter to Lebanon. For me, Lebanon is the land of eternal hope. A land of perseverance in spite of opposition and struggle. Lebanon is about rising is also the land of love. It is my cherished hometown, my starting point, and the land that allowed my dreams and visions to come to life. To it, I’ll forever be devoted.”

Karen Wazen

Rabih Kayrouz

“This is my love letter to Lebanon. My dear country you have been here to watch me growing you have been here to give me love and care… You are my security my inspiration… But now you need me and I am here for you to love you and take care of you…”

Dana Hourani

Sawsan Haber

Habibe Lebnen, you are my ultimate dream that I long for, I miss you more every single day, I’m thirsty to live my love to you with you, in you, but for the past 20 years, sadly, we were forced to live this long-distance relationship. Our short yearly encounters doesn’t satisfy my lust to you.. I just can’t get enough of your beauty, of your breath touching my face, your scents at dawn, your kindness & smile that get reflected in your people, our long intellectual & spiritual discussions, your artistic and music taste and those culinary skills of yours, your romance on sunset and wildness when we party all night long… how is it possible not to be so in love when you are so perfect?!.. Don’t let them dim your light, steal your identity and take from you your qualities…you just can’t fall!! You won’t fall.. Us, who are so in love with you, won’t let them do that to you, my forever Love.. Bhebak”

Sally Moussa Hajjar

This is my love letter to Lebanon. For me Lebanon is Home, is the Everlasting Longing and the Never Fading Dream!

Rami Kadi

This is my love letter to Lebanon. For me, Lebanon is home and where my heart is. The generosity of its people and love for their land makes it like nowhere else.

Dima Ayad

“This is my love letter to Lebanon. I never grew up with you, but you’ve been in everything that I’ve ever loved. Hospitality, kindness, warmth, family, nostalgia, for the people who know how to live against all odds, I salute you.”

Lancy Harb

“This is my love letter to Lebanon the land of my first loves first dreams first steps in life.. a land that taught me to appreciate beauty, genuine people, loving life & stepping up in face of challenges, values, history, and traditions.. forever proud of you my dear Lebanon.”

Lana El Sahely

“This is my love letter to Lebanon. For me, especially as an expat, Lebanon is first home. It is this nation mother that I run to, even when it hurts me. Sometimes, I am angry but then I refuse to lose hope, I refuse to accept that there is nothing to be done. I want my Zayd to be proud of his country, to have the chance at a future here. We will never never never give up. Because standing tall and standing strong is what we know best.”

Tarek Moukaddem

“This is my love letter to Lebanon, my country, where I and a whole generation of artists are striving for change and to create more and more!”

Salwa Chalhoub

“This is my love letter to Lebanon. For me, Lebanon is a work of art where the artist combined not only colors, strokes, lines, and beauty, but also attempts, failures, setbacks, comebacks, dreams, emotions, and faith. ”

Hady Hajjar

“This is my love letter to Lebanon. For me Lebanon is more than a country; it is a message of freedom, diversity! Lebanon is simply my mom, my dad, and all the Love in the air the second you touch down!”

Zeina El-Dana

“This is my love letter to Lebanon. For me, Lebanon is home and endless hope….where life is spontaneous and people find every opportunity to celebrate life. Sending all my love to my family, friends, and everyone there and praying for better times to come.”

Cyntia Bsoussi

“This is my love letter to Lebanon
Lebanon, the land where hope meets resilience.
Lebanon, the land of glory!
Lebanon, the story of a battle…
A country that survives against all odds.”

Souraya Chalhoub

“This is my love letter to Lebanon.
For me, Lebanon is warmth, unconditional generosity, smiles, depth, soul, impulsive, rebellious, mysterious, raw, beautiful, family, empathetic, thoughtful, perseverant, graceful. My dear Lebanon, I hope I can make you as proud as you make me, I hope you will fight for what you deserve and stay persistent because you deserve to be given as much as you gave. I love you my dear beautiful and sensitive Lebanon.”

Rabih Rowell

“This is my love letter to Lebanon. For me, Lebanon is my forever beloved country, where I grew up and found my passion.
All that I am today, it is made in Lebanon, inspired by Lebanon’s beauty, supported by my Lebanese family.”

Nadine Shibly

“A love letter to Lebanon…A lively soul with siren views, that’s what you are! Chaotic, loud, and angry yet filled with energy, love, and hope.‎‏⁣I miss your soul, the pain of your history, and what makes it so rich. The scars on your buildings that make them so alive.
Tabouleh wou Mashewe, Habibi wou Hayete, sleepless nights, and endless walks.
Lebanon you taught me how to fight, and how to survive.
You’ll always be mine…until we meet again, b7ebak ya Lebnen.
Today we celebrate Lebanon and it’s wonderful people.”

Giovanina Atieh

“This is my love letter to Lebanon.
To a country that has and always been there for us amidst any uncertainty, we will never give up on you. You are our home and will be the home of many generations of other strong, creative and passionate souls to come.”


“This is my love letter to Lebanon
For me, Lebanon is that eternal lover that lives so deep inside and resonates through the iconic voices of Wadih, Fairouz, Sabah, Nasri, Majida …
My Lebanon is and will always be a bubble of colorful dreams no matter what..”

Rita Dahdah Fawaz

“This is my love letter to Lebanon. For me, Lebanon is resilience and rebirth. It is the home I’ve never been able to live in. I grew up away from home and am currently raising my kid away from home too. In its best of times, I haven’t been able to enjoy it long enough; and in its worst of times, I haven’t been able to console it by sticking around. But in between, I got to spend some of the most beautiful years of my life there. Lebanon is the home I hope my kids will get to live in, love in, and thrive in. Until then, although I cannot always physically be there, it’s where my heart remains.”

Mark Farhat Giusti

“This is my love letter to Lebanon. “For me, Lebanon is a land of ancient history and heritage that has survived the test of time and witnessed the rise and fall of many civilizations going back to the Phoenicians.
A land of endless beauty, culture, design, and craft where inspiration never ends.
A land whose people’s courage and resilience are strong to withstand any situation with their ability to turn tears into laughter.
A land whose people have an extraordinary unquenchable love for life. They are the most hospitable people on the planet, the best networkers, and the world’s greatest travelers.
Your food is divine, your music is the most entertaining, and when it comes to design you never settle for anything less than the best.
I have a dream for you – my Lebanon. A dream for a better future for your beautiful land and your people. A dream that speaks in unity and one voice.
A dream of strength, pride, resilience, and hope.”

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