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This Is The Secret To Haya Abdulsalam And Faud Ali’s Marriage

Kuwaiti actor and our May 2018 Vogue Arabia cover star Haya Abdulsalam once said that if the right man came along, one that respects her life, she would marry him. And marry him she did. Abdulsalam and Fuad Ali tied the knot in December 2014, yet their love for each other goes way back.

Abdulsalam appreciates that Ali understands and completes her at work and that there is a strong chemistry between them. The couple first worked together in 2010 in the Kuwaiti TV series Saher Al Lail and eventually took their on-screen chemistry off-screen.

Co-workers, friends, and now spouses, the couple is a testament to what Abdulsalam believes about relationships: that the most beautiful love stories start with a friendship. Being friends first lets you get to know each other without the pressures and obligations of a romantic relationship.

Abdulsalam agrees that their story is centered around friendship and mutual admiration. He was drawn to her ability to achieve her dreams by working hard, saying that in her he’s found a smart and ambitious woman.

From glamorous outings and trips abroad to domestic bliss, the pictures shared by the golden couple on social media – often captioned with love-song lyrics and swoon-worthy messages – never cease to melt our hearts.

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