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Gigi Hadid Says Her Two-Year-Old Daughter Khai is ‘Very Brave’ in Rare Interview

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Gigi Hadid gushed about her daughter Khai in a new interview promoting her new knitwear line, Guest in Residence.

In a clip from Hadid’s chat with Willie Geist for Today’s Sunday Sitdown, the model gave a few rare quotes about her daughter. “I think she’s a genius,” Hadid said of Khai, who turns two years old this month. “But I think that’s what everyone says about their kid. It’s so much fun. The more that she talks and understands and remembers, it just gets more and more fun. And she’s a blessing.”

Hadid also referred to her daughter as “very brave” when it comes to moving around on her own. “Oh, [she’s] so mobile, from so early in the morning,” Hadid said with a pointed look. “So mobile. Jumping off things. Very brave, which is great but, you know. We’re practicing doing dangerous things carefully….That’s what I’m gonna go for.” Clearly, Khai is keeping the 27-year-old on her toes.

This seemed to be all Gigi Hadid was willing to say about Khai during the interview, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. The entrepreneur has been very protective of her daughter’s privacy since welcoming her first child with her ex-boyfriend Zayn Malik in September 2021. Hadid is particular about what she posts online and has asked fans and paparazzi to refrain from sharing or selling photos of her daughter’s face.

“As our baby grows up, we have to realize that we can’t protect her from everything the way we wanted to and could when she was smaller. She loves seeing the world,” Hadid wrote in an Instagram Story in July 2021. “I also want her to see the most amazing city in the world—the beautiful and diverse people that walk down the streets of NYC… that is, without the stress of the media circus that comes with parents who are public figures.”

She continued, “We have never intentionally shared our daughter’s face on social media. Our wish is that she can choose how to share herself with the world when she comes of age, and that she can live as normal of a childhood as possible, without worrying about a public image that she has not chosen.”

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