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Home Alone? Let This Free Digital Copy of Vogue Arabia’s Anniversary Issue Keep You Company

Vogue Arabia, March 2020, third anniversary, free digital download

Vogue Arabia’s third-anniversary issue stars Assala, HH Sheikha Hoor Al Qasimi and Yousra. Photographed by Hassan Hajjaj

Whether you are home voluntarily or involuntarily, it’s easy to feel as if the world is passing you by. However, you are not alone, and even though the world is holding its breath for a moment, it’s bringing communities closer together than anticipated, and Vogue Arabia wants to help where it can…

Videos of people singing from their balconies in Italy while facing country-wide quarantine from COVID-19 have already taken the internet by storm, proving that a crisis can also lead to solidarity and not just chaos. The world is constantly changing and finding ways to better itself and in times like these, we get to see just how humane it can be.

Staying home might be driving you stir crazy or keeping you from completing activities you would otherwise be preoccupied with, but everyone is here to lend a figurative helping (well-washed) hand, even if it just means having your groceries delivered to your doorstep by a complete stranger, or receiving a free copy of your favorite fashion magazine.

For one day only, Vogue Arabia is allowing its readers to download a digital copy of the third-anniversary issue, free of charge. “We, at Vogue Arabia, wanted to do our part, during this tough time, to bring the world a little closer together by providing free access to our title. We offer it in solidarity with everyone who is restricted to a certain place — voluntarily or involuntarily,” says Vogue Arabia editor-in-chief Manuel Arnaut. “I wish our stories bring you hope and joy.”

Stay safe — we are all together in this.

Download your free digital copy of  Vogue Arabia’s March 2020 issue here.

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