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What Beauty Pros in the UAE Really Eat

Healthy Meal Plans - Glam Gourmet

Chickpea salad. Courtesy of Glam Gourmet.

With the party season behind us now, January signals the inevitable refocus from indulgence to ‘healthy revamp’. While it’s a tired cliche to suddenly transform into a yoga bunny during the January month, there’s nothing quite like starting a New Year with a review of your diet and eating clean. Throw out those takeout menus, as healthy meal plans are in place to keep you eating well-balanced and nutritious meals, regardless of how little time you have to spare in the kitchen. Vogue Arabia’s beauty editor Alexandra Venison rounds up three of the best in the UAE.

1. Glam Gourmet

Healthy Meal Plans - Glam Gourmet

Stuffed chicken breast. Courtesy of Glam Gourmet.

Choosing a meal plan ensured my regular diet of fried and fatty foods was swapped out for healthier options like quinoa, tabbouleh, tempered vegetables, and papaya salad. I chose Glam Gourmet as it provides nutritious and delicious food exclusively for women. I could swap out meals that weren’t to my taste, meaning I was less likely to cheat on the plan. There are nine meal plans to choose from, ranging from “The Athlete Plan” to “Baby on Board,” made to encourage women to eat less but more often. Made by a Michelin-starred chef using only the freshest and finest ingredients, each meal comes in a delivery bag filled to the brim with a mouthwatering breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus two snacks and a fresh, energy-boosting juice to start your morning. Standout dishes include banana pancakes, stir-fried noodles, and shrimp sushi, which make the argument that healthy, clean eating doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your taste buds.

Vogue suggests the Slim & Trim Package starting from US891 or AED/SAR 3,275. Visit

2. Love Food

Healthy Meal Plans - Love Food

A meal with steak, beetroot, broccoli, and sugar snap peas. Courtesy of Love Food.

The concept of Love Food is not based on dieting, but on nourishing the body. The prepared meals are free of GMOs and refined sugar, using organic produce and free-range, grass-fed meats. Comprising breakfast, lunch, and dinner, a morning and afternoon snack, as well as three infused waters, there is no possibility of going hungry on this meal plan. Cooked by Australian chefs with the highest qualifications, the variety of flavors and dishes are exceptional, with many Asian-inspired combinations packing a real punch. With five meal plans to choose from, Love Food can cater to any diet and health goal. The Lifestyle plan, which focuses on the paleo diet, is popular with beginners and those trying to lose weight. Each meal is also packed in glass containers, to ensure the plan remains sustainable as well as environmentally friendly with a “reuse, renew, and recycle” ethos.

Vogue suggests the Lifestyle 5 Package starting from US253 or AED/SAR 930. Visit

3. Rite Bite

Healthy Meal Plans - Rite Bite

Shrimp noodles with broccoli. Courtesy of Rite Bite.

On the healthy eating scene since 2004, Rite Bite is all about personalization. Beginning with a consolation with their nutritionist, your BMI is taken and your goals assessed before a plan is sent to your inbox. Every week begins with you choosing your meals, with three options for each. We opted for a plan which included breakfast and a breakfast beverage booster, a snack, lunch, which included a side of salad or soup, then another snack, and dinner, which also included a side. There is a huge variety of cuisines to choose from. One day you may be feasting on a Lebanese-inspired meal and the next day dining on Mexican fajitas. Even as a diet plan, meals are hearty and leave you feeling full. Although, if you opt for low carb, then salad is on the menu for dinner most evenings.

Vogue suggests the Low Carb Package starting from US $ 44 or AED/SAR 165 a day. Visit Lead image features L’Objet’s Tulum tableware range.

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