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The Flower Society Celebrates Its Two-Year Anniversary With an Inspiring Short Film

Photo: Courtesy The Flower Society

Two years ago, Zoya Sakr founded The Flower Society with the dream of lighting up the world’s most special spaces and occasions with her resplendent blooms. “Working closely with flowers gives me inner peace and takes me back to my mom’s garden in Bentael, Lebanon. This is also where dad founded a protected natural park and where I spent all my childhood, shadowing my father and his love for nature,” she told Vogue Arabia only last year. And it’s safe to say that Sakr’s hardwork and passion has paid off.

Photo: Courtesy The Flower Society

In the blink of an eye, The Flower Society celebrates its second anniversary today. And to mark the occasion, the floral house joined hands with director Elie Fahed to create a very special short film. Bringing together vibrant flowers and a myriad of women, The Flower Society’s new short film invites viewers into a magical world, namely, a little village in the lush green mountains of Lebanon, where Sakr’s journey began. Here, women of all ages, across all walks of life, are seen decorating their havens with blooms, be it roses or daisies, orchids or baby’s breath. In the backdrop, a voice tugs at the heartstrings of The Flower Society’s audience, reminding us that flowers aren’t just pretty decorations. Flowers are unique, like every woman is. Flowers are an integral part of the happiest moments of our lives. Flowers are the very foundation of all things beautiful nature has to offer. As the film continues, this colorful society of women, each of whom seemed to be living their own separate lives, comes together for a portrait, as a representation of the web one weaves when they follow their heart and make their dreams come true. Just as The Flower Society has grown in two years, so has its family of loyal customers, and Sakr’s team couldn’t be more proud or grateful.

Photo: Courtesy The Flower Society

“If those two years taught us anything, it’s that women are much stronger when they are together, much more beautiful when they carry their differences with pride to make the most varied society, the most charming bouquet of the wildest colors and personalities,” she shares. “Bright, bold and rebellious, imagine the strength they create when both their worlds reunite spreading color and light!”

Watch the inspiring film below.

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