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5 Reasons Why Khloe is One of the Most-Loved Kardashians

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian made her official transition from blonde to brunette for her 36th birthday. Photo: Instagram/@khloekardashian

While everyone from the JennerKardashian clan provides their fair share of laughter, joy, empowerment, and entertainment, something about Khloe Kardashian always sets her apart from the rest. Perhaps it is her quick-witted humor or her down to earth demeanor. Her unrelenting resilience, or her equally unrelenting ability to rock a pair of yoga pants; either way she is loved by millions of people around the world. As she enters into her 37th year around the sun, following her birthday on June 27, we look back on our top five reasons that make millions Koko for Khloe.

Regardless of the critics, she will always have the last laugh

It is no secret that Kardashian has faced her fair share of public scrutiny. While it is a burden that is equally shared by all her sisters, she has usually been on the receiving end of some of the uglier forms of backlash; involving the most private and intimate corners of her life. Yet, in the face of being vilified and on many occasions bullied, the reality star has found a number of ways to rise. By focusing on her health, business, and family, Kardashian continues to turn her foes into fortunes.

She’s an advocate for self-love.


While almost everyone can relate to the issues Kardashian has faced, from being body-shamed to not feeling good enough, not everyone will have had to undergo their self-love journey while also perpetually living in the public eye. By never hiding away from who she is and what she stands for, Kardashian is and will always be an inspiration to us all.

She always chooses optimism

Much like the rest of her family, Kardashian has encountered her fair share of tragedy. From fertility issues to cheating scandals, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. Yet, this Kardashian sister chooses to remain optimistic; never crumbling to the pressure of a world that wants to see her fail. We don’t quite know how she does it, but we can’t get enough of her for it.

Family comes first

Never one to back down from a social media showdown, especially one that is executed in defense of her sisters, Kardashian continues to reinforce the premise that family always comes first. Whether she’s promoting her family’s new ventures on her Instagram page or shutting down fans, reporters, and even fellow celebrities for attempting to defame them, her ride-or-die approach is commendable.

She is really (read: really) wise

Equal parts funny and serious, Kardashian’s advice can set anyone on the right path. Always around when her friends, family, and fans need her, the reality star always finds a way to turn her wealth of life lessons into advice that is both accessible and applicable. Whether she’s telling us how to perfect our lunges, or how to get over heartbreak, you can’t go wrong with a little wisdom from Koko.

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