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Poetry Enthusiasts, if You Haven’t Read Fazza’s Poems, You are Missing Out


HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid al Maktoum is a man of many titles–but one title you may not have heard him referred to as much as Fazza, his pen name under which he has published poetry written in the ancient Nabati (a local form of Arabic) style. The name, which translates to “one who helps”, was originally a knight’s name and carries values of valor, empathy, and bravery. Fazza’s poems are an honest, frank look into his life with topics ranging from family, nature, patriotism and, of course, love. Read on for some of his best work.

On His Brother

I defeat my sorrow in front of people,
Who assume my heart is a rock,

And whenever I’m all alone,
I feel the burn, in every side of my heart

On His Own Poetry

My poems have meaning written with intuition
I write my poems aware and observant

My poems are not empty and a waste of my time
They become more valuable with the passing of time

On Fire

Find out what difference you make about the fire
And the fire from you and in you from them

You are not afraid of the dust
Like flames and firewood in its belly

“Gossip”, by Fazza

The dark clouds gathered before thunder

Oh I wish (if only) the rain would deliberately rain down and touch carefully her palm

The most important thing is I felt her in my veins

The memories of her flow steadily

They are like the fire that makes my heart beat

I hide grief and sadness and I managed to hide them well

I ignore desires, even if they are present

And bitterness grows together with the longing

Others whisper to see the poison work its duty and prevent love from blossoming

And the gossips increase to the tune of lies

The arrogant seductresses fill in with their quire

How to lower grievance / sadness of the world on an absent random girl

I feel joy for she came back and I feel annoyance for the compulsion of holding her back

On the night of fire, the heat leaves her burning, and she covers up her grief

I am a man who is being strong, breaking my tears into small pieces

I shy away from the comfort of a young gazelle who already took place in my heart

and left traces on my cheeks as a witness over it

“Four Seasons”, by Fazza

I can’t erase you from my memory

And my heart  loved only you

I think of you consciously and subconsciously

I see you in my dreams

And I feel you with my feelings

I hope for the sunrise

And I wait for the sun to shine so I can breathe

When the night comes, I hold the light between my ribs

Your soul passes through me along with the night

And It engulfs my body



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