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Some of Our Favorite Covers from The #VogueChallenge

While being on the cover of a magazine can be one of life’s greatest achievements, starring on the cover of Vogue is a feeling like no other. This is why when the opportunity arose to put together your own Vogue cover, avid readers were quick to turn it into a viral #VogueChallenge on social media.

It all started with one of our latest digital campaigns where we created bespoke Vogue Arabia covers honoring many of Lebanon’s influential people in tandem with our June issue. As the covers were shared and reshared on social media, they caught the attention of people from all around the Arab region, turning the #VogueChallenge into the hottest new online trend everyone can’t help but want to join.

The general air of being creative during quarantine certainly helped as Twitter and Instagram were flooded with over 1.1 million mock covers which pushed the trend to the number one spot on Middle Eastern Twitter. Seeing everyone put their own spin on a Vogue cover has been nothing short of gratifying. From selfies taken from within their rooms to portraits shot more professionally in an outdoor setting, social media users made use of everything they can, combined with their editing skills to piece together their best possible Vogue cover.

Click through the gallery above and scroll through the tweets below to take a look at some of our favorite ones from the #VogueChallenge.

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