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Faouzia is a Vision in Ashi for her Minefields Music Video with John Legend

Moroccan singer Faouzia in Ashi couture on the set of her Minefields music video with John Legend. Photo Jessica Spohr. Courtesy Cabine Creative

“I want this video to depict the common struggles that we all face,” starts Moroccan singer Faouzia, whose “Minefields” duet with John Legend sees its video debut today. Wearing a stunning off-white Ashi shirt and skirt amid an open field, Faouzia serenades while Legend also sings, playing on a black baby grand piano, which they both take turns at. “It symbolizes both the emotional and literal challenges that we go through to be with and support those around us,” states Faouzia of the song and video. “I hope that viewers will feel hopeful and remember that things will always get better.”

As for her Ashi look, she explains that she had originally chosen a black couture dress and then changed her mind. “We shot it and then the direction changed in the video. Instead, we wanted to add another shoot day with something ethereal, hopeful, full of light. The Ashi silhouettes resonated with me because they are like pieces of art. Music and fashion are in a lot of ways one in the same. I wanted to represent my Arab roots as well in the design. It was a great honor to wear Ashi. I felt like a princess.” Ashi tells Vogue Arabia that the shirt and skirt are inspired by an earlier 2019 collection and are made with taffeta… “I love Faouzia and she is the first Arab star that I ever dressed,” Ashi affirms ahead of his couture show that is live today at 18h Paris time.

Faouzia in Ashi on the set of Minefields with John Legend. Photo Jessica Spohr. Courtesy Cabine Creative

The video, shot over two days but weeks apart at Bonelli park in San Dimas and then at Big Sky Ranch in Simi Valley, California offered special anecdotal moments between the two artists and their teams. Faouzia recalls, “When John and I were shooting at the piano, we had moments where the camera crew needed to set up for the next shot and we were able to sing the song together acoustically. It was a really special moment.”

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