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Fairouz Dedicates her New Song to Palestine

Lebanese singer Fairuz performs at the Emirates Palace theatre in Abu Dhabi, May 18, 2006. Reuters

Following the devastating clash at Gaza’s border last week, which resulted in the death of 60 Palestinians, singer Fairouz has dedicated a new song to those who lost their lives. The new release, “Until When My Lord”, honors the Palestinians killed while peacefully protesting US President Donald Trump’s decision to open the new United States embassy in Jerusalem.

The song was produced by her daughter Rima Rahbani, who also helped co-produce the Lebanese singing icon’s last album Bebalee, a collection of covers of songs that inspired Fairouz throughout her impressive career that spans six decades.

Featuring politically charged lyrics such as “How long will my enemy oppress me?”, the four-minute song was uploaded onto the official Fayrouz Productions YouTube account, which occasionally shares videos of the singer. The accompanying visual is a compilation of images of a war-torn Palestine alongside video snippets of Fairouz singing behind a podium.

Extremely private — she hasn’t given an interview in years — “Until When My Lord” is the singer’s first new release in over a year. However, it’s not surprising that the musical legend would re-emerge to show her support for the oppressed Palestinian people. She is behind many of the great Palestinian anthems of nationalism and pride, such as “We Will Return”.

Born Nouhad Wadie’ Haddad, the iconic musical legend is the most beloved artist in the Arab world. Dubbed Lebanon’s “voice of hope”, the singer served as a beacon of peace during the country’s civil war 40 years ago, using her soft vocals as a way of political activism — something, as her newest release demonstrates, she still does today.

Click here to listen to the new song.

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