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This Restaurant Brings Together Michelin Star Chefs for Expo 2020 Dubai

Photo: Courtesy of Jubilee

As Al Wasl Dome swiftly beats at the heart of Expo 2020 with its changing colors, its many hues radiate through the Jubilee Gastronomy venue, enveloping the restaurant’s interior with a luminescent light show. Located on the tenth floor of the media centre, the hot spot houses a lounge, rooftop venue (Jubilee Mixology), and a unique dining experience that brings in flavors from a rotating selection of Michelin star chefs. 

Every Tuesday at Jubilee Gastronomy, a signature ‘Chef’s Table’ event seats thirty guests for a four to nine-course dining experience, hosted by a rotating lineup of world-renowned chefs. The ultimate experience includes a limousine pick-up and drop-off, a VIP beverage reception, and a nine-course tasting menu accompanied by a selection of fine beverages. 

Chefs lined up to host the experience this November include Jordan Bailey, the Irish chef and owner of the two Michelin star restaurant Aimsir In Kildare; Paco Pérez, Catalan chef of a five Michelin star restaurant; Fatik Tutak, the owner of the Turk Fatih Tutak restaurant; and Manish Mehrotra, Foodistan award winner. As for every other day, a regular daily dining experience is hosted based on the signature menu. 

Located above Jubilee Gastronomy, Jubilee Mixology features signature beverages brought to life by resident head chef, Guilherme Freire. In the midst of its out-of-garden interior, highlighted by colorful leaves and petals on the furniture, visitors are taken on a luxurious trance of jazz, house, and live DJ lounge music as they immerse in bites and beverages inspired by previous world expos and cultures. Signature mixes include London, based on the 1851 United Kingdom Expo; Milan, Italy Expo 2015; and Dubai Expo 2020 (an exotic blend of almond, pineapple, chocolate bitter, and lime). 

Photo: Courtesy of Jubilee

The restaurant will also welcome Portuguese TV celebrity Chef Chakall, and other noteworthy names picked by ‘The World’s 50 Best Restaurants’, a list that ranks international chefs, restauranteurs, gourmands, and restaurant critics based on a poll. The list includes Kamilla Seidler, Best Female Chef in Latin America, Prateek Sadhu, owner of Mumbai-based restaurant Masque, and Manish Mehrotra.

Prices range from AED 295 to AED 3,500.

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