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Expo 2020 Dubai: You Can Now Explore the Entire Site with a Cycling Tour

Expo 2020 Dubai. Photo: WAM

As Expo 2020 Dubai marks its first month since its opening, more visitors are expected with the mercury dropping. Spanning 4.38 square kilometers across the Dubai South District, it is almost impossible for a visitor to cover the whole area in one visit. To that end, Expo 2020 Dubai has set up a cyclable exploration tour as part of its Sports, Fitness, and Wellbeing Hub.

Available in both English and Arabic, the cycling tours aim to offer an intimate perspective on the world exhibition and its hidden gems in an hour. All three districts (Sustainability, Mobility, and Opportunity) will be covered through commentary every morning and evening daily. The tour is also part of the Dubai Fitness Challenge, during which residents and citizens are encouraged to dedicate the month of November to come together and improve the physical and mental wellbeing of the city. Cycling tours can be booked here, and those who aren’t too comfortable riding on wheels also can take the tour on foot.

Separately visiting the three districts is also an option for private groups or individuals interested in joining a larger group of 12 participants. All programs have a standard fee of AED 65 per person and AED 1,100 A per private group of two or 10. The journeys are conducted in English, Arabic, and sometimes Spanish and Russian.

Signature Tour Sustainability District

The Sustainability district tour introduces visitors to all revelations created for a better future, making five stops along the way between Al Wasl Plaza and one of Expo 2020 Dubai’s parks. In addition, visitors can tap into the magical world of Terra (the Sustainability Pavilion) and invest in dialogues around climate change and solar energy.

Signature Tour Opportunity District

The Opportunity District demonstrates how human lives are interconnected and empowered through discovering one’s vested potential. The tour allows visitors to pass by the signature stops, and explore Mission Possible (the Opportunity Pavilion), where they are encouraged to pledge for a better future.

Signature Tour Mobility District

The tour allows visitors to witness “mobility devices in action” on a mobility track and educates them about the latest inventions in space exploration, such as the UAE National Space Programme. In addition to the five stops, the tour lands a visit to Alif (the Mobility Pavilion), where visitors can get a perspective on the impact of digital connectivity and how it contributes to humans making bigger leaps in life.

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