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Exclusive: Palestinian-Chilean Musician Elyanna’s New Music Video is Here

Photo: Courtesy of Elyanna

Palestinian-Chilean singer and songwriter Elyanna may be based in Los Angeles, but the Arab world has long been a part of her musical journey, and audiences will soon be moving to her tune once again as she drops the music video for her latest single “Mama Eh”, an edgy Arabic Latin pop jam. The 21-year-old, who is best known for making music that combines the sounds of Latin America and the Middle East, is often referred to as the Arab Rihanna. This title is well deserved considering she has been everywhere from Coachella to concerts around the region in cities like Amman and Riyadh.

Now, with her much-anticipated music video for “Mama Eh” dropping at 7pm Lebanon time, Elyanna is once again set to take over our hearts and screens. Keeping in line with her past exploration of the self, this latest drop explores the dilemmas and challenges of creating art in a capitalist world.

Photo: Courtesy of Elyanna

Speaking on the matter the artist shared, “In “Mama Eh,” my latest release with Universal Arabic Music, I aimed to highlight the challenges faced by artists, particularly small independent fashion designers, in a fast-paced industry which prioritizes materialism at the expense of creativity. The song’s underlying message emphasizes that true artists focus on investing in their craft rather than pursuing profits.”

Another prominent theme throughout her rising career has been love, one that can often be linked with self. “Another message conveyed by the song is for women to embrace their individuality, vulnerabilities, and strengths. Do you have curls? Do you have curves? Just flaunt them,” Elyanna says with that trademark confidence. Judging by her musical journey so far, it’s safe to say that the video of “Mama Eh” will be just as power-packed, bold, and addictive as her last few projects.

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