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Exclusive: Maha Abdul Rasheed Launches Bambah Cookbook in the Spirit of Ramadan

Photo: Courtesy of Bambah

In the spirit of Ramadan, Maha Abdul Rasheed, founder of Bambah, has launched a cookbook featuring over 100 women from around the world, each contributing a dish to the book. Dedicated to the Holy Month of spreading love, generosity, joy, and most significantly, food ideas, the cookbook includes a recipe for everyone. Divided into chapters of salads, pastas, seafoods, desserts, and so on, the cookbook emphasizes on a diverse array of delectable dishes, regardless of a person’s background. “For all of us, by all of us”, the opening of the cookbook reads.

Vogue Arabia sits down with Maha Abdul Rasheed to discuss the journey behind Bambah Cookbook. 

What inspired you to create Bambah Cookbook?

I have never been someone who was always in the kitchen, dreaming up a new recipe or chopping the day away, but Covid-19 changed all of that. Over the past couple of years, I have found myself spending a lot more time in the kitchen and a new passion was born. I realized how much cooking and long dinners with great friends in the garden brought me so much joy and happiness. For me, cooking and hosting is one of the purest forms of love as it is truly a sentiment that comes straight from the heart.

What does cooking mean to you?

Cooking has taught me how to switch off and eased a lot of anxiety. It has also taught me not to force things and how to be patient, which is something I am not great at!. It was more of a therapeutic activity that I loved and enjoyed doing. It was my ‘me’ time.

What is the relation between your fashion brand and the cookbook?

When we launch a new campaign or send out a giveaway from Bambah, I like it to be relevant. I also wanted to come up with a significant, but neutral gift for Ramadan. I didn’t want it to be specific to Islam or fasting or anything related to religion that would single out anyone from our community, because Bambah caters to all kinds of people regardless of their faith, background or religious beliefs. That’s when I realized that it would be so nice to combine my new hobby with my business, and hence the idea of this cookbook came to life. I grew up in a household that holds religion and Ramadan in high regard, but aside from its religious significance, to me Ramadan was always about spreading love and kindness. It’s about a rebirth, letting go and moving forward. It’s a fresh new start.

Photo: Courtesy of Bambah

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