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The First Female Saudi Life Coach on Her Top Tips for Success

first female saudi life coach

Courtesy of Dr. Sumaya Al-Nasser

Dr. Sumaya Al-Nasser has a simple yet effective philosophy on life, “We only get one chance at life, and we have to make it count.” A digestible mantra that if lived out, can have a profound impact on one’s effectiveness and output in the modern world. Dr Al-Nasser is a unique figure in the world of philosophy and well-being, being the first certified female Saudi life coach, she is based in LA, authored numerous books and articles, and delivers courses in Arabic to thousands of clients worldwide. With her Doctorate in Theology as a backdrop to her guidance, she is working on exploring Awareness Sciences and has just published the first Arabic guided meditation book.

As 2018 is officially here and we’ve blazed our way through the first half of January, gleans from Dr Al-Nasser quick-fire tips to improve health and well-being (prior to the mania of fashion month too!). Scroll down for leading advice on career, family, and balance – something that is so very hard to achieve in today’s zippy world.

On family life:

“The family you were born into is one of the experiences you go through in life, so always make a great effort to unite your family. You will automatically experience the success of any member of your family; therefore, keep on supporting them. Your parents are the source of energy in your life; always do your best to improve your relationships with them.”

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On growing your career:

“If you are still undecided on what you want to do with your career, learn how find something that brings out the best in you. Good careers will not be announced, therefore, connect with the right people if you were looking for a new job. You should know more than 6 people across the world who excelled before you in this career; if you wish to quickly improve your career development.”

first female lifestyle coach

Photographed by Mann for the January issue of Vogue Arabia

Recommendations for improved mental health:

“Positive feelings are contagious; surround yourself with positive friends. Breathe properly. Anger is the number one distractor and trigger of mind-body illness, learn how to relax.”

Recommended places to visit in 2018 to attain spiritual peace:

“Lake Constance (between Germany, Switzerland and Austria) sends out high spiritual energy in spring. Early in the year, spend some time observing the aurora in Tromsø, the dreamy Norwegian city. Immerse yourself in the serenity of Jeita Grotto in Lebanon.”

Dr. Al-Nasser has just launched the first ever Arabic-guided Meditation CD, The Back Door. Available to buy now on Amazon and Apple Music.

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