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Everything You Need to Know About Clubhouse, the Super-Exclusive Social Media App

Photographed by Mark Ganzon for Vogue Arabia

Clubhouse, a fairly new social media application has got netizens all around the world talking about it. The application launched less than a year ago and has already caught the attention of Tesla CEO Elon Musk and numerous famous names in the Arab world.

What makes it stand out from the sea of networking applications is its audio-only nature. Unlike the image-heavy Instagram and Snapchat, and even Facebook and Twitter, where nearly every other post includes a photo or video, Clubhouse only allows audio.
The application offers real-time voice conversations users can tune into, making it a feature so unique that it is reportedly being mimicked by other social network giants. Facebook is allegedly trying to build a similar audio chat platform, while reports say that Twitter is also trying to cash in on the opportunity by testing and developing an audio-only chat room. Since the application is an audio-only app, users cannot post photos and videos, and can only share their profile picture and voice bytes.

Another reason why users are trying to flock to this application is due to it being super exclusive. Becoming a Clubhouse user is nowhere as effortless as downloading the application, and then registering to create an account. The platform allows users on an invite-only basis, which means, users who wish to join must be invited by an existing Clubhouse user. Initially, each new member is allocated only one invite, then, after a while, users get three more. If a user is invited by an existing member, they can eventually choose four other people to invite.

Due to its invite-only model, getting a Clubhouse membership is deemed incredibly precious, and has lead to many users in Saudi Arabia offering invites for sale on Twitter. Invites are also being given out in exchange for follows and retweets. Once you have managed to secure an invite, the application lets you start or listen to conversations from celebrities, entrepreneurs, and influencers on a list of topics. All the conversations on the app are moderated, and you may find yourself getting invited to listen to people having a conversation about a topic that interests you.

Renowned names from the Arab world to call themselves Clubhouse members include Jessica Kahawaty, Rania Fawaz, Mona Kattan, Arwa Al Banawi and Razane Jammal. Tennis superstar Serena Williams and her husband, Alexis Ohanian, are also on the social media platform and are engaging users with their humorous conversations.

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