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Watch: Enhypen on Their Pre-Performance Rituals, Comeback, and Abu Dhabi

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The Etihad Arena erupted in screams this Saturday evening when Enhypen took the stage for the first time in Abu Dhabi. As the headlining act of Hyperound K-Fest, the seven-member group consisting of Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, and Ni-Ki gave an enthralling performance of their much-loved songs. Starting with “Drunk-Dazed”, the band went on to dynamic tracks like “Future Perfect (Pass the Mic)” as well as the more mellow “Bills”, before leaving the stage only to return with the surprise of “Polaroid Love”.

For many fans, who are known as Engenes, it was an unforgettable experience to watch the group live for the first time since it made its debut in November 2020. In between songs, the members also took the time to share their love for the fans in a few Arabic words including greeting them with “As-salamu-alaykum.”

Ahead of their performance, Vogue Arabia caught up with the members of Enhypen to find out their pre-performance must-haves, their favorite thing about Abu Dhabi, as well as a spoiler for their comeback on November 17.

Three words to describe the year you’ve had…
[Sunghoon] Hustle. Life. Fire.

Your one style staple…
[Ni-Ki] I like hoodie.

Your one skincare staple…
[Sunoo] Dr.Jart+ Cicapair products are my go-to skincare items.

Your pre-performance rituals or must-haves…
[Jay] First of all, as everyone knows, we must have to do stretching and drink water before the stage. For me, I have one spoon of natural honey before the stage, because it makes me feel like it’s protecting my throat during our hard performances and singing.

Your favorite thing about Abu Dhabi…
[Jake]My favorite thing… I mean, it’s been about two days since we got here and the weather’s been amazing.

A song that gets you pumped up, and a song that helps you unwind…
[Heeseung] The song that really pumps me up is “Standing Next To You” by Jung Kook. It just gets me hyped whenever I listen to it. The song also has a cool beat, making it perfect for vibing out. “Stay” by Post Malone is another favorite of mine. It’s a perfect song to unwind to before heading to bed.

A spoiler for your comeback…
[Watch the video above to see Jungwon enact the spoiler]

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