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Emirati Influencers 2024: All The Instagram Personalities You Need To Follow ASAP

You can count on the top Emirati influencers in 2024 to light the way on fashion, beauty and travel inspo. But their work doesn’t just end there. Beyond the glitz and glamor of social media, a dedicated crop of UAE content creators are scripting a brighter future for Emirati women everywhere. 

Salama Mohamed

Vogue Arabia, December 2021. Photo: Paulina Wesolowska

Who has the most followers on Instagram in the UAE?

Beauty mogul Huda Kattan holds the distinction of being the most followed Arab influencer on Instagram with a combined following of 55 million to her credit. She is followed by actress Mai Omar at 18 million followers and Dubai-based content creator, Narin’s Beauty, at 11.8 million. 

Top influencers you need to follow

If you are looking for must-have recommendations as well as a deeper purpose, join us in taking a closer look at the top 10 social media influencers in UAE.

Emirati lifestyle influencers to follow on Instagram

Taim Al Falasi

At the age of eight, Al Falasi was ready to audition as a news presenter. While that dream didn’t come to pass, fate had other plans for her. In the years to come, she would go on to launch her own magazine and radio show. One day inspiration struck that perhaps she could take a stab in front of the camera as well. The rest is history. Al Falasi now lays claim to a staggering Instagram following north of four million. As one of the leading Emirati culture influencers, her Insta fam looks to her for the latest recommendations on travel, food and more. 


How it all began: Looking back to when she started, she acknowledges that the concept of an influencer was not there. What would be her best advice to anybody who wants to follow in her footsteps today? “Anyone who is determined, confident and consistent with their blogs and posts can be a social media influencer. It is all about how well one is able to tap into the power of social media. You can literally do anything—like selling this tissue box. Consistency is key,” she affirmed

Mthayel Al Ali

“A proud daughter of Sharjah, UAE before anything else.” The first line that this Emirati Instagram influencer uses to introduce herself speaks volumes about her mission to serve as an Emirati change-maker. To that end, she is leaving no stone unturned. As the managing director of Takhayyal, she is creating a content creation agency to revolutionize the future of social media. With Ara, you can delve into her introspective side with a conversational podcast. Not content with just that, she also serves as the mastermind behind Ce, a socially conscious fine jewellery brand.


Road to the top: Progress is rarely ever linear and Al Ali’s journey to the top among the best Emirati influencers of 2024 has not been without its own roadblocks. “I was one of the very few Emirati ladies who posted pictures of my face when I first joined Instagram six years ago. The internet was a taboo subject back then, but I was breaking the norms. It drove my family crazy, but that’s my philosophy in life: never live with limitations,” she advised in an interview

Emirati fashion influencers: Your Insta feed is incomplete without these sartorial favorites

Fatma Husam

Any conversation on the top Emirati influencers in 2024 unfailingly winds up at one destination: Fatma Husam’s profile where she affords a whopping amount of 800,000 followers with a closer look at her life. Today, she is known for her individualistic approach to modest dressing with layered, chic ensembles. But her sartorial expertise doesn’t end there. She also serves as one half of the fine jewelry label, MAS Jewels. Loved by celebrities and royalty alike, their creations have been spotted on names like Queen Rania—no biggie. 

Fatma Emirati influencers 2024

Looking ahead: So, what does the future hold for one of the top Emirati influencers of 2024? She shares, “We want girls in this region to not only wear global brands but also local ones; they are just as strong. We wish to become a big business in the region and be known as a homegrown name that can compete with global luxury jewelry brands.”


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Latifa Al Shamsi

In an ever-changing world, there are few things you can count on as a constant. Lafita Al Shamsi’s signature cat-eye liner is one of the few constants to hold on to. Counted among the first Emirati social media influencers from 2010, life has since taken her to unexpected places. Today, you can swing by her feed to catch up on the latest and the greatest in the worlds of travel, food and fashion. But she also commands an event management company that puts together curated events featuring Hiba Jaber and more.

Latifa Emirati influencers 2024

Her sartorial signature: What makes Al Shamsi’s style stand out among the other Emirati influencers of 2024? “I started experimenting with styles that a lot of people wouldn’t try. I wore colored abayas early on when I first started blogging before it picked up as a trend. I gravitate towards the unconventional,” she explains in conversation with Vogue Arabia.  


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Rafeea Al Hajsi

You might know Al Hajsi as one of the first Emirati runway models, known for striking a pose in must-have couture. Or perhaps you know Al Hajsi as the artist, bringing her dreams to life on a canvas. When she is not walking down the runway for names like Ziad Nakad at Paris Fashion Week, she likes to direct her energy towards charitable causes for female empowerment. 

Rafeea Emirati influencers 2024

Dreaming bold: Beneath the glamor of the influencer world, it is clear that Al Hajsi is not content with standing still—not when she has so many dreams to chase as one of the top Emirati influencers of 2024. “I still want to reach higher in the industry and I owe it to myself to become the best role model for myself and other young Emirati women out there who want to become models as well—breaking social barriers that are outdated, but with respect to who we really are,” she shared in an interview

Asma Al Matrooshi

Tradition meets innovation in Asma Al Matrooshi’s meticulously curated worldview for the modern Emirati women of today. As a trendsetter and modest fashion icon, her signature style is characterized by impactful layers, powerful neutrals and tonal dressing. For those looking to cop her inimitable sense of style, her label Epiphany offers up everyday essentials for women. “The most important lesson I learned is to stick to my own style, especially since trends change with the seasons,” she says. 

Asma Emirati influencers 2024

Individualistic endeavor: When conceptualizing abayas for contemporary women, Al Matrooshi has little trouble standing out from the crowd. “I focus my entire work on how women would perceive the looks, beyond the models and staging; to me, it’s all about how women will embrace the pieces and make them a part of their wardrobe essentials,” she declares


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Yasmin Al Mulla

When talking about Emirati achievers and influencers, it is clear that style icon Yasmin Al Mulla stands in a league of her own. Counted among the top influencers in UAE, you might know her as the force behind the brand YNM who is changing how Emirati women are viewed around the globe. She is also known for her dedicated support to worthy causes and local charities in the UAE. A portion of the proceeds from her clothing label are often directed towards goodwill initiatives in the nation, making her a rare blend of beauty, brains and heart. 


Making her mark: Looking to stand out on the crowded fashion scene of the top Emirati influencers of 2024? Al Mulla recommends tapping into your unique raison d’être. “I find the high number of designers coming out each day motivational, as I highly believe that there is a room for everyone. I follow a different direction, and taste, that’s why my biggest point is to create timeless clothes that can be worn twenty years from now. I would like to make a noticeable trace in the global fashion industry as a designer from the UAE,” she muses

Dr Mahra Lutfi

Where does Dr Mahra Lutfi the stem cell doctor end and where does Mahra Lutfi the model begin? It’s hard to tell. Cradling both of her diverse personas with ease, this influencer in Dubai is credited as the first Emirati stem cell doctor. But her list of accomplishments doesn’t end there. With a colossal amount of nine millions followers, she is also one of the most followed UAE influencers.

Mahra Emirati influencers 2024

Woman on a mission: If you were to quiz Dr Lutfi on the impact she wants to leave behind on the world, her answer is clear, “Stem cell technology is the future of medicine and Dubai is the city of the future, so that’s why I now hope to build the first stem cell research hospital here in the UAE,” she shared of her dreams of the future.

Emirati beauty influencers to follow for skincare and makeup inspo

Salama Mohamed

From being blessed with vitiligo to ranking the eleventh position in Forbes’ top women entrepreneurs, Mohamed’s journey has been anything but ordinary. For her 1.5 million followers on Instagram, she is the big sister of skincare—offering up tutorials, advice and learnings from her own journey with skincare. For those who’d like to get in on her skincare secrets, her brand Peacefull delivers science-driven formulas with inclusivity at its heart. 

Salama Emirati influencers 2024

Loving the skin you are in: “The world is a melting pot of different cultures, nationalities, skin types, skin tones and more, but when you get to the crux of life, you realize essentially, we are all the same, and these unique qualities should not differentiate us. Our message has always been one of inclusivity and embracing various communities while celebrating our differences. We are creating a space where we all feel welcome,” she smiles

Nouran Tarek Elsayed

“Beauty comes from within,” reads the opening blurb on Elsayed’s bio. But her 1.4 million followers will agree—it can also manifest outwardly in the form of electric blue eyeshadow and vampy lips.

Nouran Emirati influencers 2024

Counted among the most popular UAE TikTok influencers, her profile offers up endless inspiration on the latest beauty trends and how to make them your own.

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