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How the Emirates Marine Environment Group is Bringing Back the Splendor of Arabian Waters

In 1996, under the visionary guidance of Her Highness Sheikha Manal bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Emirates Marine Environment Group (EMEG) began a mission to safeguard the UAE’s coastal biodiversity.

Photo: Courtesy of EMEG

Now, led by Major Ali Saqer Sultan Al Suwaidi, the foundation has found its way to the forefront of various initiatives, advocating the protection of the Arabian waters, and the endangered wildlife and marine ecosystems that reside within it. Most recently, EMEG joined hands with Vogue Arabia for the 2024 edition of the Vogue Ball of Arabia, which celebrated marine life with its underwater theme. The dinner, which was attended by designers, actors, musicians, and more from across the globe, gave EMEG a special platform to share not just its many achievements so far, but also its robust plans for the future. Following this special event, Vogue Arabia will be taking part in a series of focused pieces that help all support wildlife in the region and gain a better understanding of the world within Arabia’s mystical waters.

Major Ali Saqer Sultan Al Suwaidi at the Vogue Ball of Arabia 2024. Photo: Dazl Production

With a sophisticated approach, EMEG strives to preserve biodiversity in the UAE through several comprehensive initiatives. The organization extends an open invitation to individuals and organizations across the Arab region to actively participate in diverse activities, each designed to foster a deeper connection with nature and promote the protection of marine biodiversity. EMEG’s initiatives include important activities such as mangrove restoration, beach clean-ups, coral restoration, sea turtle monitoring, and traditional village and pearl diving experiences. These efforts by the Emirates Marine Environment Group aim to provide a haven to countless marine species, while also spotlighting the UAE’s rich cultural heritage and protecting marine life.


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Beyond safeguarding marine conservation, Emirates Marine Environment Group celebrates the UAE’s cultural legacy through attractive experiences that showcase traditional village life and the art of pearl diving. By connecting both locals and visitors with these customs, the non-profit organization holds a profound appreciation for the coexistence between humans and the sea. Emirates Marine Environment Group invites individuals and organizations to join hands in preserving the pure beauty and biodiversity of the Arabian Gulf, ensuring that future generations can continue to appreciate the wonders of these marine treasures.

As environmental challenges continue to mount globally, Emirates Marine Environment Group serves as a reminder of the region’s resilience and determination when it comes to protecting its wildlife. By engaging people and organizations in its multifaceted conservation efforts, the non-profit organization ensures that the UAE’s marine wonders remain a source of awe and inspiration for generations to come.

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