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#StayHome and Listen to Elyanna. The Palestinian-Chilean Singer Serenades Vogue


Elyanna. Photo by Jenna Nicole And Madelene Lisella. Courtesy Sal&Co

While most of the world isolates, turning to their social media feeds for everything from recipes, to prayer groups, and the news, you may have noticed a resurgence of creativity. One young woman a step ahead is the enigmatic Elyanna. The 18-year-old Palestinian-Chilean singer and songwriter, who is being referred to as the Arab Rihanna, has dropped her eponymous EP with El Mar Music/Empire. The songs featured explore identity from a raw prism in a haunting voice with lyrics sung in Arabic.


Massari and Elyanna. Photo Virisa Yong. Courtesy Sal&Co

Massari, who, along with Nasri mentors the rising artist joins her on the song Ana Lahale. He shares wise words to any aspiring artist, “Start by really dedicating yourself to reach your goals. Practice singing daily, share content on social media, and believe in what you’re trying to accomplish and achieve.” He stresses that the business requires patience and discipline. “You need to begin to envision yourself reaching your goal every day so that your mind begins to steer you in the right direction.”

While on lockdown, Massari considers that, “As artists we have a certain responsibility to give people a chance to get their mind off of the negative things that are happening in the world and highlight the positive. There’s no better way of doing that than by entertaining our fans and our friends with some good music.”

Stream Elyanna’s music here and discover her uplifting and lyrical message to Vogue Arabia in the video below.

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