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Did Lebanese Singer Elissa Just Release Her Last Album?


Photo: Instagram/@elissazkh

The release of Lebanese songstress Elissa‘s latest album might be somewhat of a bittersweet moment for her fans worldwide. Released on August 1, amid Eid Al Adha celebrations, the 18-track album titled Sahbit Raey has been widely celebrated by fans on account of its powerful message and lyrics. Yet, there is speculation of the celebration being shortlived on account of an announcement made by the singer last year. Noting her retirement from the music industry via Twitter on August 18, 2019, Elissa said that her then-upcoming twelfth studio album would be her last before going on to describe the music industry as being “similar to the mafias.” The news of her announcement sent shockwaves around the world, with fans and fellow artists showing solidarity through the hashtag, #كلنااليسا, or #WeAreAllElissa. Since then, the singer has gone on to release two singles, titled Hanghani Kaman Wi Kaman and Ahwet El Madi, in addition to her latest album, whose lead single was released late last month.

Following its release, Sahbit Raey, or “Opinion Giver,” in English has been the recipient of widespread adoration, with fans praising Elissa for her talent and skill. Television personality Zaven (@Zaven_K) took to Twitter saying, “so much storytelling. So much emotions. So much love. So modern. So sweet and so bitter. It’s not a farewell as it might sound. It is a story of a woman who is starting over. #صاحبة_رأي #اليسا love it. Alf mabrouk. @elissakh.” While Sheymah (@shelissyaweah) writes, “We adore and admire u so much habibti u deserve all the best and more and more to come ya #SahbitRaey.” Elissa has since responded, thanking her fans for their love and support. In a tweet posted on August 2, the singer wrote, “Beirut… it all goes back to you.” “I am very happy with the feedback I am getting on the album, and it makes me so happy to show that Lebanese people have the power to overcome everything to live in peace and happiness,” she continued. 

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