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Mark Your Calendars: Eid al-Fitr 2024 May Bring a Nine-Day Break for All

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2024 may bring UAE residents a nine-day break on occasion of Eid al-Fitr. According to reports, a UAE astronomer has predicted the dates of the annual celebration that takes place post Ramadan, stating that the Holy Month is likely to commence on Monday, March 11, 2024.

Keeping the starting date of Ramadan in mind, it is likely that the prospective Eid break will run from Ramadan 29 to Shawwal 3 on the Islamic Calendar — translating to approximately Monday, April 8, to Friday, April 12, in the Gregorian Calendar. This period indicates a time of both reflection and celebration for all.

For those who already enjoy two day weekends (Saturday and Sunday), the Eid al-Fitr break dates therefore indicate an extended pause from 9-5 routines. Essentially, working professionals in the UAE will be off for Eid from Saturday, April 6, all the way to Sunday, April 14.

However, the intricacies of lunar sightings in this specific phase must be considered when confirming all dates mentioned above. If the crescent moon remains out of sight, it will yield a 30-day Ramadan which will then in turn give us a seven-day Eid al-Fitr break, instead of the predicted nine days. The public will have to wait for UAE authorities to confirm the final Eid al-Fitr holiday dates as per the Gregorian Calendar.

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