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Everything to Know About Dubai’s Complete Ban on All Single-Use Bags

Starting June 1, 2024, Dubai will enforce a ban on all single-use bags, regardless of material.

dubai single-use ban

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The ban on single-use bags is part of Dubai‘s efforts to eliminate disposable items and promote a more sustainable, greener environment. According to Dubai Municipality, bags that are thinner than 57 micrometers, whether composed of paper, plastic, or recyclable materials will be banned. Specific exemptions will allow bags thicker than 58 micrometers and bags for wrapping poultry and bread to continue to be used.

This ban on single-use materials is an essential part of Dubai’s wider environmental plan and follows after efficient initiatives implemented in other UAE regions. For example, the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi reports that since the ban on single-use plastic bags was enacted in June 2022, the usage of single-use plastic has fallen by 95% in the first year of the ban.

Dubai has outlined a plan for additional prohibitions in the upcoming years. On January 1, 2025, the ban will extend to single-use plastic items like stirrers, tablecloths, cups, styrofoam food containers, straws, and cotton swabs. The ban will also be applied to plastic cups, dinnerware, plates, and food containers by January 1, 2026. Penalties for non-compliance with the ban will be enforced, with fines beginning at AED 200. Repeated violations within a year will increase to a maximum of AED 2,000 hs. Customers are advised to notify the Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism of any non-compliant retailers.

The Dubai Municipality has released an awareness guide in both Arabic and English which will assist with the ban on single-use bags. According to the recommendations, recyclable bags are not permitted as they need to be recycled at specific facilities and, if disposed of in a landfill, can decompose into dangerous microplastics. The significance of this guide was made clear by Mohammed Alrayees, the head of Dubai Municipality’s Waste Strategy and Projects Department.

Dubai’s efforts represent a big step toward lowering plastic waste and encouraging its citizens to embrace more environmentally friendly habits. Residents are encouraged to review the Dubai Municipality’s online guide for additional in-depth information which offers answers to frequently asked questions for sustainable substitutes for single-use plastics.

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