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Dubai’s Golden Jubilee Fireworks on National Day are Not to Be Missed

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Marking half a century of unity, prosperity, and growth, the United Arab Emirates will honor its 50th National Day with extravagant celebrations that will mainly take place at Hatta Dam. However, other areas around Dubai will also host a fun-filled weekend of activities and family-friendly events. Celebrating in pure Dubai fashion, the emirate’s skies will be embellished with a show of glimmering fireworks on December 2 and 3 that is not to be missed.

The two-day function will inaugurate with a back-to-back exhibit, starting at 8:30 and 9 pm above The Palm Waters. Residents and visitors will be able to enjoy the sparkling show reflected on the waters of The Pointe, Atlantis, Blue Waters and Etisalat Beach Canteen, along with Jumeirah Beach behind Sunset Mall, La Mer and even Burj Al Arab.

Other activities lined up for the year include concerts, retail promotions and family-friendly activities.

Meanwhile, right across Dubai, the Hatta Dam will embrace a theatrical show that takes visitors on a time lapse of the country’s past 50 years in a setting surrounded by the Hajar Mountains. Open to the public during a course of nine days from December 4 to 12, the event will also be live-streamed online so that those unable to attend in person can get a piece of the show. The reason behind choosing Hatta as a location for the main Golden Jubilee celebrations roots back to the area’s strategic geography, which is equidistant from all seven emirates. Additionally, a 20 year Hatta Development plan was launched to expand the city’s horizon as a touristic attraction that will offer a newly constructed beach and lake, cable cars for easy maneuvering between the mountains, and the area’s current zip lining and mountain hiking programs.

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