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Meet the Powerful Female Artists Showcasing at Dubai Design Week 2022

As Dubai Design Week (DDW) 2022 gears up for yet another exciting edition with a message under the theme, ‘Design With Impact’, meet the powerful female artists at the front and center of this year’s event at D3.

Nourhan Rahhal

Photo: Courtesy of DDW

Nourhan Rahhal is the artist behind Vee, a chair unlike any other. With a presence that can’t go unnoticed, it “allows one’s natural strength to manifest itself in the designed details of the chair.” Rahhal has designed Vee with the aim to educate its user about just how important good posture is in affecting psychology and self-confidence while providing the user the opportunity to experience a form of a power pose. What’s more, the artwork also challenges how young women are taught to sit in a curled-up manner when they should be able to “comfortably stretch their bodies, just like Wonder Woman would.”

Reem Jeghel
Palm veneer

Photo: Courtesy of DDW

With sustainability in mind, Reem Jeghel is introducing a new material called palm veneer to DDW this year. Made by pressing palm fibers and turning them to a flat surface that has similar qualities to wood veneer, they are then attached to cardboard, ensuring the product is natural and biodegradable. Jeghel’s innovation aims to reduce emission waste while supporting the local UAE market by refining agricultural waste into products and interiors. Its installation at D3 will take on the natural shape and hues of palm leaves by using wood marquetry techniques and framing. As for the palm veneer’s application, the material can be used to create warm and inviting interiors that bring a fresh perspective to nature’s place in the UAE.

Lisa Batacchi
Shamal, Sand Stone Stars

Photo: Courtesy of DDW

Polimoda alumna Lisa Batacchi takes a melancholic approach with her participation in the DDW with a large-scale floating installation nodding to the antique symbolism that came out of the Silk Road. In reference to Kahil Gibran, the symbolism of the “storm” is an “image that can make us think of certain negative aspects of the world, the upheavals of nature and inner life, from which man can emerge with reflection and enlightenment.”

Charlotte de Belle
Raising Sand

Photo: Courtesy of DDW

Paying homage to the UAE’s fast-paced growth out of the sandy desert and under the powerful sun, Charlotte de Belle’s installation uses artistic medium of neon light. The piece features an Instagram-worthy sun behind light radiating sand, with the entire artwork’s shape “symbolizing the doors that the UAE opens for the world, inviting everyone to step into their magical world opportunities.”

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