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Dine in Design: Meet the Designers Curating One-of-a-Kind Tables at the Event of the Season

This month, Vogue Arabia is celebrating some of the region’s biggest creatives in a brand new way with Dine in Design on October 13, 2023 at Dubai’s newest luxury hotspot, SO/ Uptown.

The spectacular evening will emphasize the growing link between fashion and design. The incredible visions of Arabia’s leading architects, interior designers, and fashion designers will come alive with a novel concept that will see each individual customize their dinner table to create a breathtaking dining experience. The brief? To go all-out, with as many accents, luxe elements, and out-of-this-world details they’d like to. Bringing together the universes of fashion, art, design and food, Dine in Design isn’t just a picturesque get-together of the best in the business — it’s a celebration of design trailblazers in the very hub of the Middle East’s creative sector.

Hosted in partnership with SO/ Uptown and Brazilian luxury furniture brand Breton, Dine in Design serves as a testament to Vogue Arabia and Vogue Loving Arabia’s mission to elevate, support, and spotlight talent in the region — after all, we are now in an era where all eyes are on the Middle East and its rich well of creativity. Along with some show-stopping tables, the event will also be one to watch out for due to its guest list. Dine in Design will be attended by some of the Middle East’s favorites celebrities and noteworthy public figures, all mingling and dining in style with stars from the fashion and interiors industry. Once seated, guests will also get to enjoy a specially curated performance by Layla Kardan, along with a fantastic meal prepared by SO/ Uptown’s award-winning chefs.

But before you get ready to follow every moment from Dine in Design on Vogue Arabia’s Instagram page, meet the handpicked designers who will be transforming their tables into grandiose expressions of creativity for the one-of-a-kind evening.

Below, discover the creatives and designers curating and hosting tables for the very first edition of Dine in Design

Elie Saab for Vogue Arabia

Photo: Courtesy of Elie Saab

Elie Saab is widely regarded as royalty when it comes to fashion in the Arab world, and even beyond. The Lebanese designer has been a pioneer for the region since he founded his eponymous couture house in 1982. Today, Elie Saab counts itself among the world’s leading luxury fashion houses, renowned for its timeless appeal and breathtaking creations, with clients including Angelina Jolie, Taylor Swift, Sonam Kapoor, and more. For Dine in Design, the iconic couturier collaborated with Elie Saab Maison and Rak Ceramics to create the perfect table, complete with sleek lines and sophisticated hues.

Andrea Wazen for SO/ Uptown 

Photo: Courtesy of Andrea Wazen

Born in London and raised in Beirut, Andrea Wazen has been passionate about design ever since she was young. However, it was during her time in Paris at Istituto Marangoni that she discovered her love for designing shoes. In the years that followed, Wazen would move to London and train under the tutelage of Rupert Sanderson and Christian Louboutin while occasionally taking courses at the renowned Central Saint Martins. Known for her impeccable craftsmanship and light feminine style, it’s safe to say that Wazen will be bringing her distinct cheerful charm to her table setting.

Alua Kul

Photo: Courtesy of Alua Kul

The founder and creative director of Lumi Interiors, an interior architecture and design studio specializing in bespoke luxury projects worldwide, Alua Kul is a name worth knowing in the world of home decor. But don’t go thinking her expertise ends there. Her passion for design has also resulted in a penchant for luxury furniture design. Owing to her meticulous attention to detail and unmistakeable aesthetic, Kulibayeva has managed to set herself apart in the industry, and emerges as a leading expert with a keen eye. For Dine in Design, Kulibayeva is pulling out all the stops. Expect a wonderland of soothing shades and refined aesthetics.

Ghada Al Subaey 

Photo: Courtesy of Ghada Al Subaey

Hailing from Qatar, Ghada Al Subaey created her label 1309 Studios with the intention of celebrating all things feminine while prioritizing our planet. Guided by the principles of sustainability and luxury design, Al Subaey has managed to become a trailblazer, shaking up the fashion industry to earn accolades and admiration worldwide. As a designer to the stars, including Karen Wazen and Imaan Hammam, she was also the first Qatari designer to be featured on the cover of Vogue. Given her love for all things bold, it’s likely that the designer has an absolutely novel table idea up her sleeve.

Kate Instone 

Photo: Courtesy of Kate Instone

Kate Instone, the founder and creative director of Blush International, may have first launched her company in London, but the designer has been happily based in Dubai for the past ten years. Coming from a background in design and architecture, Instone has a natural instinct for merging functionality with beauty — a trait that has helped her build some of the most sophisticated and elegant interiors for private residences, super yachts, and private jets. As for her Dine in Design table, nothing less than a true showstopper will do — with a timeless twist, of course.

Nadine Kanso 

Photo: Courtesy of Nadine Kanso

Nadine Kanso is a master when it comes to creating jewelry that’s artfully carved with sentimental and often philosophical stances. Her creations embody unique craftsmanship and distinct stone mastery via vivid colors, intricate shapes, and exceptionally starry diamonds. Combining this with the unification of calligraphy and contemporary visual language has allowed her to create a truly distinct jewelry brand, Bil Arabi, which has quickly become one of the most exciting new brands to emerge from the Middle East. Given her love for all things bold and brilliant, Kanso’s Dine in Design table is likely to feature a pop of color like no other.

Sawsan Chammas Haber

Photo: Courtesy of Sawsan Chammas Haber

As the founder and creative director of Dipiugi, a renowned interior architecture and design firm, Sawsan Chammas Haber is an expert in interior luxury. Known for being an interior architect, space creator, and design influencer, Haber has been making her mark in her field since 1996 by handling highly luxurious projects first in Beirut, and then the UAE. She counts amongst her portfolio the homes of private clients and royalty, as well as corporate and commercial projects. Never one to shy away from a challenge, her Dine in Design table may just be the perfect blend of sophisticate and sassy.

Seema Al Mansouri and Thafer Al Bazae

Photo: Courtesy of Eva Interiors

Seema Al Mansouri and Thafer Al Bazae have overseen the growth of Eva Interiors, a homegrown award-winning high-end interior design firm, as its chief operating officer and creative design director, respectively. While Al Mansori brings a background in architecture and her deep-rooted understanding of contemporary aesthetics to the table, Al Bazae brings more than 20 years of experience and a sharp eye for detail. Specializing in bespoke private ultra-luxury residences, Eva Interiors has in the past worked with some of the region’s biggest celebrities and royals. Given the duo’s distinct eye for all things luxe, one can hope to see some rare and precious tableware on show.

Zaid Farouki 

Photo: Courtesy of Zaid Farouki

Zaid Farouki’s designs are characterized by their bold and unconventional spirit, deconstructing what it means to be Middle Eastern and representing it in a gender-neutral and modernized manner. Farouki is creating clothing for the consumer of today —the individual who is truly globalized, cares about the environment, and prioritizing culture. Echoes of art, history, culture, and heritage can be felt throughout his collections, as he strives to create a contemporary label that is truly one-of-a-kind. We’re hoping for some playful boho accents that bring a world of travels together at his Dine in Design table.

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