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Diane Kruger, Ranveer Singh and Abdullah Al-Sadhan to Receive Honoree Awards at The Red Sea International Film Festival


As the shimmering curtain rises on the Red Sea International Film Festival, the spotlight descends upon three luminaries set to receive The Red Sea: Honoree Award. This prestigious accolade, reserved for those who have left a permanent mark on the history of cinema, will be bestowed upon Bollywood sensation Ranveer Singh, Hollywood enchantress Diane Kruger, and the multitalented Abdullah Al-Sadhan, a beloved talent in the Saudi film industry.


In the tapestry of Hindi cinema, Ranveer Singh stands as an icon, his charismatic presence captivating audiences globally. A familiar face at the festival, Singh, accompanied by his equally illustrious wife, Deepika Padukone, graced the event in 2021 for the world premiere of their film 83. Now, the festival honors his cinematic journey, recognizing his contribution to the art form that knows no bounds.

Diane Kruger, takes her well-deserved place among the honorees. From the mythical Helen of Troy to the witty and adventurous Abigail Chase of the National Treasure series to Tarantino’s indomitable Bridget von Hammersmark, Kruger’s repertoire is a testament to her craft. Her powerhouse performances linger in the hearts of audiences and this award solidifies her as an enduring force in the film industry.


Al-Sadhan, a cherished figure in Saudi entertainment, is celebrated for his two-decade-long contribution to the iconic Tash ma Tash and his role in this year’s competition title Norah. His presence, both on-screen and in the cultural fabric of Saudi Arabia, is a testament to the transformative power of storytelling. Mohammed Al-Turki, CEO of the Red Sea International Film Festival, expressed, “These honorees have shaped the narrative of cinema, each contributing a unique chapter to its rich tapestry.”

The festival, which takes place over the course of 10 days in Jeddah, is a celebration of Saudi, Arab, and international cinema. The opening film of the festival, Hwjn, is based on a popular Saudi fantasy romance novel, about a kind Jinn and a young medical student named Sawsan. Seeing as to how the fictional story takes place in Jeddah, it makes complete sense to choose this compelling movie adaptation as the opening film for the festival.

This year’s distinguished jury has also been announced, with director Baz Luhrmann leading it. He is joined by Joel Kinnaman of Suicide Squad, Freida Pinto of Slumdog Millionaire, and Amina Khalil of Grand Hotel. As the stars align over Jeddah, the Red Sea Film Festival unveils a spectacle of storytelling, culture, and the magic of the silver screen. Director Baz Luhrmann leads a distinguished jury, including Joel Kinnaman and Freida Pinto.

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