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Diala Makki on Wardrobe Staples, Industry Tips, and Quarantine Lessons

This Lebanese-Iranian fashion journalist is more focused than ever as she strategizes her next move.

Diala Makki wearing MaxMara

This Just In

Television presenter Diala Makki is no stranger to the inner workings of the fashion industry with hosting Mashaheer with Diala Makki. “I was always fascinated by fashion and content creation and I wanted to have the right educational tools to master my skills,” says the Dubai-based journalist. She has a master’s degree in political science and international affairs and credits award-winning Lebanese journalist Marcel Ghanem for helping her sharpen her interview skills. After a few years covering celebrities and hosting TV shows, Makki decided it was time for a change. “I’ve shifted completely to specialize in creating content that focuses on the history and heritage of fashion and was lucky to work with some of the most famous maisons in fashion, jewelry, watchmaking, and lifestyle,” she says. She also cites receiving invitations to the homes of the late Karl Lagerfeld, Giorgio Armani, Alberta Ferretti, Elie Saab, Yves Piaget, and Caroline Scheufele. “The accomplishments of inspirational people are always a driving factor in my quest for success,” she proclaims.

Back To Basics

Makki streamlines her wardrobe with sharp staples. At the core you’ll discover a MaxMara Manuela camel coat, Saint Laurent leather pants, Ralph Lauren tuxedo suits, and Alex Perry body-hugging numbers. Her jewelry collection is curated on the same principles. “My taste has become more minimal over the years. I used to love stacking Piaget, Cartier, Repossi, and Bulgari. However, I feel I have become more conscious and sensitive in choosing my daily jewelry,” she says. “Having said that, I love my Serpenti rose gold and black amulet with diamonds that I purchased during a trip to Rome to film a heritage project, and I love big stones that I design myself.” There is one time-honored necklace that she cherishes. “It has been in the family for generations and my grandmother kept it as a birthday present for me years after she was gone. It holds a sentimental and dear value to my heart,” Makki shares.

Diala Makki wearing Chloé with a Celine bag and Santoni official shoes

Well Heeled

With a love for footwear plus an active schedule that keeps her trotting between style capitals, Makki’s approach to getting dressed begins from the ground up. “I start with the shoes and work my way up. Just like Paul Andrew,” she says. While a pair of custom-made Christian Louboutin heels are a hero piece in her repertoire, when summer kicks into full gear she slips on her coiled René Caovilla sandals. Her relationship with the Italian brand grew deeper after a visit to the Caovilla factory and home in Venice. “Meeting the family and being surrounded by this warmth and perseverance, love for the art and producing only the most mastered and perfected shoes, had me look at Caovilla shoes from a totally new perspective,” Makki says. “Being a shoe addict, I can testify that the silhouette, quality, and amazing designs of René Caovilla make me feel like an elegant, attractive, and classy lady the minute I step foot in them.”

Diala Makki wearing Celine

Skin Solutions

“Efficiency over everything,” is what Makki looks for in skincare products. Her secret to maintaining camera-ready radiance is the art of layering. “I cleanse, tone, apply essence and serum, moisturize, then apply eye cream and a finishing serum,” she says about her routine. Her top shelf products include Biologique Recherche serums and masks, Dior essence, Dr. Levy eye serums, Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte’s Magic Cream and Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask, Shiffa body cream, and jade rollers. She also books frequent visits to Valiant Clinic for in-office treatments. “Dr Shadan Naji and I have a regular routine that ranges from chemical peels, PRP and mesotherapy to laser resurfacing treatments,” Makki says, adding that she never leaves the house without a layer of EltaMD sunscreen.

Feeding The Soul

With more hours being spent indoors, the Lebanese-Iranian TV personality recently discovered a hidden talent. “Home confinement is making me dig up family recipes, trying them out, and preparing my favorite dishes,” she shares. Music was another form of expression for Makki while growing up. “I studied piano and I used to love playing Bach, Chopin, and Persian music. Unfortunately, I haven’t practiced, but I would love to go back and resume my studies one day,” she says. Until then, she’ll continue to flex her culinary skills.

Diala Makki in Paris in a coat by Kristina Fidelskaya and Christian Louboutin shoes


Makki’s typical day has changed drastically during the requisite period of staying at home. “I feel like I am working much more than before. It has certainly taught me to be grateful for the wonderful opportunities I get as a journalist and use the time to assess my next move internationally,” Makki says about staying productive during lockdown. “It is a time for keeping a unified front, reading, and education; learning new methods of communication and excelling at it. I won’t deny that it has been challenging but I also believe that without it there would be no evolution.” She finds joy in reading, broadening her knowledge in media, human behavior, and consumership. Her pets also bring pockets of comfort throughout her day. “My three Pomeranians give me so much love, fun, laughs, and serenity,” she shares. Health boosters such as a strict exercise and diet routine add a motivational break in her schedule. As for the most precious takeaway? “Spending quality time with my parents,” she shares.
Originally published in the May 2020 issue of Vogue Arabia

Photography Jason Lloyd-Evans & Francesca Salamone

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