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Exclusive: Dana Hourani Takes Us Behind-the-Scenes of Her Remake of Yay By Nancy Ajram

Dana Hourani on set. Photo: Fares Sokhon

After releasing her rendition of fellow Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram’s hit song Yay (Sehr Oyounu), Dana Hourani has shared an exclusive behind-the-scenes look of the music video with Vogue Arabia.

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Originally written by Nizar Francis and composed by Samir Sfreir in 2003, Yay was released to instant acclaim in 2003. Since then, the track has played in nearly every Arab household and Hourani’s remake seeks to honor those memories. Produced by Sleiman Damien, Hourani’s take on Yay combines lush vocal arrangements met with electronic beats and oriental string sections, staying true to the essence of the original hit song.

Photo: Fares Sokhon

“Having spent many years abroad,  Nancy Ajram’s songs helped connect me to Arabic music and to the Arabic language in general,” shares Hourani with Vogue Arabia. “Growing up, Yay was definitely my favorite, probably due to the playfulness and simplicity of its lyrics. ‘Yay’ is a declaration of happiness in many languages, and in many places around the world. A three-letter word that crosses boundaries and brings people together in joy – that, for me, is the ultimate purpose of music.”

Photo: Fares Sokhon

The whimsical video sees the Lebanese singer in a  bright yellow ensemble, swinging while she sings surrounded by dancers and serene landscapes. Directed by Nadim Hobeika, the video marks his fourth collaboration with Hourani since her musical debut in 2019, and shows the evolution of love through its different stages.

Photo: Fares Sokhon

Hourani came out with her first single titled Ella Enta in 2019 and since then has made a name for herself in the Indie music scene. Speaking to Vogue Arabia about the plans to release her first studio album sometime this year she said, “Yay is included in my upcoming album, which will be released in September, where the songs will all come together to have a common thread in regards to what it’s all about.

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