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5 Ways to Get Creative This Weekend

With most of us living weekend to weekend and with our work and lives slightly blurred, weekends are our sacred space. While it’s tempting to spend entire weekends doing absolutely nothing but watching Netflix, it is truly rewarding to learn a new skill or dabble in some art and craft.

A lot of us are using this time to channel our inner Michelin Stars or Van Goghs – and here’s our roundup of some of the best ways you can get creative and unwind this weekend.

Make paper dolls or sew bees with Alexander McQueen

This week, the Alexander McQueen atelier invited its followers to join them in making gorgeous paper dolls with a member of the McQueen team. These dolls, or maquettes, are used to visualize the placement of fabric and embroideries on garments on a small scale and are fascinating things to make with just a pair of scissors and paper.

Elsewhere, you could learn how to make their iconic bees with Aneliya Kyurkchieva from the Alexander McQueen embroidery team, as well as how the bees from the Spring/Summer 2013 dresses were created through a detailed step-by-step demonstration.

Learn how to self-care with Gucci Beauty

Gucci teamed up with talented artist Emma Allegretti to create a heartwarming self-care beauty video for a tricky time of social-distancing. Created by the artist for Gucci beauty, a water-colored stop-motion video features a message of self-care and love imagined by the artist. Watch, learn, and appreciate.

Learn to make cream puffs and other treats with Saudi chef Khulood Olaqi

Saudi chef, Khulood Olaqi has tons of interactive videos on how to make everything from Banoffi pies, juicy Wagyu steaks to Russian cream cheese Vatrushka buns.

Learn how to grow a vertical garden with Jason Mraz

The American singer-songwriter we all know from his top-40 hits has a lesser-known skill — he’s into terrace gardening! And what better time than now to get our hands and knees a bit muddy. Mraz not only delves into the easy hacks of vertical farming for city dwellers but his tips are also great for those who have never farmed before in their lives.

Learn a new chord with Canadian rock band Arkells

Popular Canadian rock Arkells is offering free music lessons on Instagram for people in self-isolation and the music classes have been a huge hit on social media. Join the club, learn a new song this weekend!

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