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Dubai Shares Strict New Rules to Manage the Uprise of Covid-19 Cases

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As Covid-19 returns with a fresh, fast wave, Dubai has placed strict rules to ensure the safety of its residents and manage potentially positive cases. Those who have come in close contact with someone who carries the virus two days before their symptoms appear, or two days before a positive PCR result comes in after 10 days of illness, is considered at risk of contracting the virus. A hug, handshake, or even just close contact puts one at risk for catching the virus. Here are some of the rules Dubai has placed to manage the upsurge of Covid-19 in the country.

Coming in contact with a positive case immediately puts one in need of isolated quarantine for seven days. As the Dubai Health Authority may not contact those quarantined, everyone is considered responsible for following the rules.

– One should not feel obliged to take a PCR test as long as symptoms don’t appear.

– As soon as symptoms like a cough, fever, or a runny nose start showing, it is vital to book a PCR test. A positive PCR test requires a 10 day quarantine, and a negative PCR means that the seven day quarantine period should still be completed for those who have come in contact with a positive case.

– Those who have worn a mask and maintained social distance from a positive case are still considered close contacts.

– It is important to complete the quarantine period in the isolation in one’s home.

– If one is not able to quarantine at home due to a vulnerable household member, they can complete their isolation period at a dedicated hotel or government facility.

– Quarantining at home with other family members who are not considered health compromised still suggests isolation, and separate usage of a bathroom, and access to a first aid kit with a thermometer and a way of communication without having to open the door.

– Encountering a positive case suggests a seven-day quarantine period.

– Once the seven day quarantine period is over, one should call the DHA toll free number to confirm breaking quarantine.

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