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This Captivating Parisian Hotel is Steeped in History

Photo: Cour des Vosges

Cour des Vosges, a remarkable Evok hotel offers its visitors the opportunity to travel through time as the past and present echo one another in and around this magnificent property. With its unique view on the Square Louis XIII, it has also become a part of the life and history of the unique Parisian landmark: the Place des Vosges.

Once on the site of a humble swamp, this 17th-century residence, at 19 Place des Vosges, sits on a historic site. Formerly the royal square planned by Henri IV in 1605, and therefore the oldest square in Paris, this exclusive landmark site means each room or suite in this 5-star hotel opens onto Square Louis XIII and its splendid houses. This offers endless delight with their recognizable pink brick façades and slate roofs which are utterly captivating and idyllic.

The hotel is nestled in the renowned Marais neighborhood which was transformed in the 12th century with the arrival of religious orders. A well-noted location before the French Revolution, it then became a center for merchants and artisans, who opened their workshops in the courtyards. Today, the diverse neighborhood which is best discovered by strolling on foot attracts fashion lovers, as well as fans of history, museums, and culture.

The stunning property itself is considered a mansion by some, a château by others. Cour des Vosges is experienced as an exceptional residence welcoming Epicureans, hedonists, history buffs, and lovers of Paris. The butler hands over the key to the 12 rooms and suites, each of which feels like a pied-à-terre. Each landing recalls the architectural features of 17th-century buildings and each hallway seems to lead toward stately apartments.

Photo: Cour des Vosges

Cour des Vosges cultivates the French art de vivre and the elegance of Parisian mansions of a bygone era. It has spirit, character, and personality and offers a true retreat that sets a new standard of city splendor with the feel of an oasis.

In order to reveal the staggering beauty and uniqueness, famed architects Lecoadic – Scotto designed 12 rooms and suites ranging from 270 to 645 square feet (some of which connect) across four floors. Each has a kitchen and extensive storage. The architects were careful to preserve the spaces, which have high ceilings (up to 16 feet on the second floor), double doors, and adjoining living rooms.

They each have subtly mixed design pieces from the 1970s with period objects that provide subtle statements of style. The result is alive with contrasts: old terra cotta pieces sit next to azure tapestries, candelabras illuminate stainless steel tables and glass counters, while statues gaze at lacquered screens. This charm is a remarkable thread across the aesthetics of this one-of-a-kind hotel.

Photo: Cour des Vosges

To maintain the customs of the French art de vivre, 19 Place des Vosges features an impressive restaurant. It offers light gourmet fare for breakfast, afternoon tea, and dinner. Also, the Brach Corner presents a selection of sweet treats concocted by pastry chef Yann Brys, who was named Meilleur Ouvrier de France.

The property prides itself on the guest experience, dedication to exceptional services, and the most subtle of details. Let their in-house hostesses and butlers welcome you and make sure your every desire is taken care of.  They are available 24/7 to ensure the Cour des Vosges experience, but they are never intrusive. They are known for their delicacy and discretion which adds to the intimacy and intrigue of this property.

Meanwhile, we recommend whiling away the hours in the properties famous Roman Bath. This is the secret retreat of 19 Place des Vosges. On the ground floor, a doorway leads to the hotel’s relaxation space. Here, under a vaulted ceiling, you can take care of yourself, breathe, dream, and be revitalized. This is an ingenious way to continue the Cour des Vosges experience and extend your feeling of escape.

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