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7 Countries That are Welcoming Tourists This Summer

If you have been dreaming of lying face down on a beach with a glass of your favorite tropical juice lodged in the sand while you breathe in that crisp ocean air  — you might not be too far from it.

While the world as we know it isn’t quite the same as before, a lot of things are slowly but surely getting back to a “new normal.” A part of that process includes countries announcing that they will be opening up for tourism this Summer. As a lot of countries rely heavily on tourism for their economy to flourish or even function they will be opening their borders for leisure visits very soon — with safety measures strictly in place.

Here’s our round-up of the most enticing options for the brave of heart and restless of feet:


A small island nation off the coast of Turkey, Cyprus has been fairly successful in battling coronavirus, and the country’s airports will reopen on June 9 after following an easing of the nation’s lockdown rules. Some tourists are expected to be allowed to enter beginning of this summer, but from nearby countries where the outbreak is well-contained including Greece, Israel, United Arab Emirates, and some Central European and Nordic countries.


As Croatia Airlines’ domestic flights resumed on May 11, the Southeastern European country is getting ready to loosen border restrictions, possibly from early June.


Beaches across Mexico will open to tourists starting in June, with multiple phases of reopening continuing through July and August.


Greece will open to tourists starting July 1, but the country’s usual nightlife scene notwithstanding. Solo or small-group activities, such as kayaking and boating will be encouraged instead. Every international traveler to Greece will have to enter through Athens and submit to a health screening, which includes the usual Covid-19 test and temperature checks.


Switzerland along with Germany, France and Austria plan to reopen common borders by June 15. As the country reopens restaurants, bars, bookshops and museums from May 11, it’s a matter of time before the borders are opened for tourism as well. From mid-June, the tourism industry is hoping to bounce back, with no mandatory quarantines in place, this may be one of the few European countries where non-Europeans can count on having their leisure summer holiday. With airport testing and other screening measures, of course.



Turkey is working on an internationally recognized certification system, in order to classify tourist destinations, and hotels and restaurants, as “coronavirus-free zones” under strict health protocols. Tourists would have to provide health documents on arrival declaring themselves to be coronavirus free. The country hopes to open up for tourism soon, with international flights possible from June.



Estonia’s borders are open and it is still allowing tourists to enter but recommending visitors put off trips for now. Like other European countries, Estonia is asking visitors to self-quarantine for 14 days upon arrival. Border-entry health checks are mandatory and visitors must fill out a form testifying to their good health.

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