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Covid-19 in Dubai: Everything to Know About Face Mask Exemptions

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A face mask is now on the top of our list of things we must remember to take before we leave the house, and the accessory we have all become accustomed to wearing over the past few months. However, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has just revealed that residents with certain medical conditions can now apply for exemption from wearing face masks in public.

The announcement by the DHA, in partnership with the Dubai Police, on Monday, November 9 stated that Dubai residents with specific medical conditions can apply for permits allowing them to be exempt from wearing face masks. The applications for permits will be evaluated by the DHA’s General Medical Committee Office for approval. They must consist of the resident’s Emirates ID as well as a medical report, which confirms that the individual suffers from a medical condition that can be made worse by the wearing of face masks.

The Medical Committee will evaluate each request, which is accompanied by medical documents, against certain criteria, and if approved the resident application will be processed within five days.

Among the conditions that provide eligibility for those wishing to be exempt from wearing a mask are individuals suffering from asthma, residents with acute and uncontrolled chronic sinusitis, and people of determination who suffer from mental and physical conditions. A full list of exemptions can be found alongside the DHA announcement of the new mask regulations.

The permits for exemption will be evaluated by the General Medical Committee based on approved scientific principles. While those approved to be exempt from wearing face masks are not required to wear them in social or public places, they are still advised to wear a face mask wherever possible for their own safety and the safety of others.

Residents can apply for the exemption of wearing masks on

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