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Live Concerts, Events, and Weddings are Now Permitted in Dubai

Dubai Opera

Dubai Opera. Photo: Unsplash

After months of stay at home orders and lockdown restrictions, Dubai will now welcome back the return of concerts and in-person events according to a circular issued by the Dubai Government this week. While noting that public events such as concerts, as well as private events such as weddings are now permitted, the circular does also include a list of social distancing and safety guidelines that must be adhered to.

For indoor events, venues are to limit their capacity so that one person has four meters of space around them. Alternatively, seated concerts will be required to forego two seats between each group or solo attendee, including in VIP sections of the venue. In addition, a staggered-entry approach for ticket holders must be taken, with guests having to exit row-by-row following the end of the event. Standing events, on the other hand, will comprise floor-markers within the venue, in a bid to guide guests to a socially-distanced spot, where they can maintain sufficient distance from other event-goers. Online tickets are encouraged, but for those choosing to purchase from the box office, floor markets will ensure social distancing measures are in play within the queue. The circular also states that while guests and staff will be required to wear masks throughout, performers will be permitted to remove their masks providing they are at least four meters away from the audience.

Advising that some programs will need to be modified to ensure social distancing, the circular also states that events may be shortened to limit the amount of physical contact that ensues between staff, guests, and performers. Outlining a strict list of protocols for the build-up to the event, as well as during and after, the circular lists a number of sanitation guidelines that relate to the handling of food and beverage, pre-packaged food, and other components of large scale events. Among the list of events that are now permitted to resume operations are; exhibitions, conferences, product launches, exhibition tents, weddings, brand sales, and graduation ceremonies. Nightclubs and city promotions are currently excluded from the list but are likely to be added at a later stage.

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