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Can Arab Comedians Solve the World’s Problems? This Show Thinks They Can

Courtesy of Comedy Central

Comedy Central is all set to expand its digital content globally with locally produced MENA episodes. Premiering on April 24, is the new Arabic comedy, Comedians Solve World Problems on the Comedy Central Arabia website, its parent company, Viacom’s digital platform, as well as social media platforms Facebook and Instagram.

Following the first season’s success in the UK with over 5 million total views to date, the internationally originated short-form series will have localized versions in US, Asia, GSA, Italy, France, Spain, Benelux, South Africa, Mexico, and Brazil. If the Arabic comedy follows the duration of the UK episodes, then the show would have one-to-three-minute episodes.

Each episode will feature the comedians coming up with funny solutions to some of the world and region’s trending social problems. For the first one, comedians Ahmed Essam and Ahmed El-Hareedy will find ways to tackle one of the world’s biggest issues, mental health. A new episode will air each week, with topics ranging from boycotting supermarkets and restaurants, social media addiction, interracial marriage, and money.

Comedy Central is planning on producing 20 additional short-forms through 2019 after having created the MENA adaptation of the UK’s Bad Snappers, hosted by Rima Iskandarani and Frial Abdelrazek.

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