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Christie’s Announces Auction of Art and Furniture from Hubert De Givenchy’s Homes

Photo: Courtesy of Christie’s

Christie’s opens its doors and is set to auction 1,200 works of art, sculptures, and furniture from the late designer Hubert De Givenchy’s homes in Paris and Loire Valley. The sale is inclusive to both European and French designs spanning across Old Masters to more modern and contemporary projects of the esteemed designer. The collection, as mentioned by Christie, consists of “many exceptional works” from unseen works to more recent works that were collected towards the end of Givenchy’s life.

There will be a live sale from June 14 to 17 along with an online sale from June 8 to 23, with the announcement date beautifully coinciding with the anniversary of the designer’s first haute couture collection presented in Paris on February 2, 1952. 

Presentation of the last A/W 95 collection of Hubert De Givenchy

Christie and de Givenchy’s relationship stems from his early years as a designer in 1993, when he worked alongside the auction house with the goal to sell some of his 18th century artwork and furniture. In 1997 de Givenchy became a chairman under the supervisory board as well as a member of its international board under Christie. He also held and led the 2012 exhibition  known as “La Galerie de Girardon evocation par Hubert de Givenchy.” 

In 2014, the designer aided with the “Empire” exhibition and in 2017 Christie’s Paris held a sale of the designer’s collection by Diego Giacometti, “Les Giacometti de Hubert de Givenchy.” As a reflection of the longstanding connection Christie and Givenchy have made, the choice to dedicate this upcoming auction to De Givenchy is nothing slim of an honorable one.

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