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Step Inside the Grand Opening of Breton’s First-Ever International Showroom in Dubai

Earlier this year, family-owned Brazilian brand Breton marked a milestone moment in its journey, opening its very first international showroom in the world. The location of choice: UAE’s art, fashion and design hub, Dubai. Spanning across 2,300 square meters, the two storey Dubai flagship store sits proudly on Al Wasl Road, and was celebrated with a grand opening.


Photo: Courtesy Breton

A selection of special guests were treated to a first look of the sprawling space, which champions earthy hues, luxuriously upholstered furniture, and countless design heroes that perfectly encapsulate the trademark Breton ethos. Among the many in attendance was none other than Brazilian architect and designer Fernanda Marques, best known for her clean and contemporary aesthetic. Below, the design pro chats with Vogue Arabia about her journey with architecture and interior design, and a very special collection she worked on exclusively for Breton.

Photo: Courtesy of Breton

How did you first fall in love with architecture? Can you share your first memory related to this sphere?

My interest in architecture began at an early age. I’ve always been inclined to draw and observe my surroundings. As I progressed through high school, my experiences and observations solidified my passion for art and design. Opting to pursue architecture was a natural progression of these interests, despite not having any architects in my family.

Your style is known for being clean and contemporary. What draws you to this aesthetic?

The clean and contemporary aesthetic aligns with my multidisciplinary approach to architecture, spanning from large-scale projects to object design. Its timeless quality allows for the seamless integration of various elements, fostering cohesive and harmonious spaces. This aesthetic also enables the incorporation of innovative design solutions and reflects my commitment to sustainability — both professionally and personally — by emphasizing minimalist principles and efficient resource use. Ultimately, it serves as a platform for enriching lives through thoughtful design and sustainable practices.

As a Brazilian architect, what do you think makes the Brazilian aesthetic unique from the rest of the world?

Brazilian architects excel in utilizing natural materials and achieving impeccable proportions in their architectural designs. Drawing inspiration from Brazil’s diverse environment, we seamlessly integrate materials such as wood and stone into our creations for both sustainability and aesthetic appeal. Inspired by our cultural heritage, we meticulously craft buildings with harmonious proportions, resulting in balanced structures that complement their surroundings. This fusion of nature and design stands as a defining characteristic of Brazilian architecture, setting it apart on the global stage.


Photo: Courtesy Breton

You recently created a furniture line for Breton. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

The inspiration for our latest collection for Breton is a celebration of nature’s beauty, seamlessly woven into contemporary design. From the welcoming embrace of the Maxx Armchair to the organic allure of the Galhos Table and the Serras collection inspired by the Brazilian landscape, each piece reflects a commitment to harmonizing form and function. The Chaise Fly embodies environmental consciousness with its Amazon-inspired design, while the Sofa Landscape adapts like nature itself, offering versatility in modular configurations. Together, these pieces share a narrative that encapsulates the elegance of nature, sustainability, and adaptability in the heart of Breton’s showcase.

What is your relationship with Breton like? Tell us about the experience of working with Breton.

My relationship with Breton is founded on shared values and a mutual commitment to excellence in design. Just as Breton prioritizes quality craftsmanship and innovative design, so do I. Collaborating with Breton has been an enriching experience as we work together to create furniture pieces that seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality. Our shared dedication to sophistication and timelessness ensures a cohesive vision, enabling us to showcase unique and inspiring designs at the forefront of the design world. Together, we strive to elevate the living experience through meticulously crafted pieces that embody our shared values of excellence and innovation.

Your collection was unveiled within the Glass Gallery, which in itself was a sight to behold. What did you think of this presentation style?

The concept behind the furniture showcased in the Glass Gallery at Breton stems from my passion for effortlessly blending elegance with functionality in design. Each piece was meticulously crafted with this vision in mind, aimed at harmonizing aesthetics and practicality. The use of glass within the gallery enhances the presentation of these designs, providing a transparent and inviting space for customers to experience the beauty and craftsmanship of the furniture. Bringing these products to fruition involved my design and creation process, focusing on crafting pieces that not only exude sophistication but also enrich the overall living experience. The Glass Gallery serves as a fitting setting to showcase these creations, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the seamless integration of design and craftsmanship that defines my work at Breton.


Photo: Courtesy Breton

Over the years, you have designed some stunning spaces. What are three pieces of advice you’d like to give to other architects or budding architects?

Throughout my years of experience in architecture and design, I’ve acquired valuable lessons. Firstly, infuse your designs with personality – balance is key. Mix and match colors, textures, and furniture to create a harmonious vibe that resonates with the people who will ultimately live in the space.

Secondly, prioritize functionality; select furniture and design elements that not only look good but also serve a purpose in daily life. Lastly, never underestimate the power of quality over quantity. Invest in pieces that tell a story and withstand the test of time. By embracing these principles, architects can create spaces that feel like home – inviting, functional, and reflective of the people who will live in them.

Above all, never forget the human element in your designs. Your work should bridge the gap between your creative vision and the practical needs and desires of those who will live there. Design with empathy, considering how your choices will impact their daily lives, their interactions with friends and family, and their overall well-being. By prioritizing the human experience in your designs, you can create spaces that are not only visually appealing but also enriching and meaningful for those who live in them.

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