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Beyoncé Skipped Lizzo’s Name in “Break My Soul (Queen’s Remix)” in Concert


The Queen’s Remix of “Break My Soul” by Beyoncé is a highly anticipated part of the sold-out Renaissance World Tour. This version pays homage to Black women in the entertainment industry, before going on to name fashion houses close to the star’s heart.

Typically, this rendition would include a tribute to Lizzo, alongside legendary names like Nina Simone, Grace Jones, Janet Jackson, and Nicki Minaj. However, on August 1 in Boston, Beyoncé chose to repeat Erykah Badu’s name multiple times instead of mentioning Lizzo, even though the latter’s name was displayed on the screen behind her.

In June, Lizzo posted a video on Instagram, expressing her appreciation for the recognition in a previous concert, saying, “I think of what we all mean to people and how cyclical it is. We are all so infinitesimally and maximally connected and significant. It’s an honor. Thank You Beyoncé.”


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The omission comes amid allegations being faced by Lizzo who is being sued by three former dancers, Brianna Davis, Crystal Williams, and Noelle Rodriguez. The lawsuit alleges harassment and a hostile work environment, and it names Lizzo, her production company Big Grrrl Big Touring Inc, and her dance captain, Shirlene Quigley. The accusations include sexual, religious, racial, and ableist discrimination.

According to the lawsuit, the dance crew was subjected to an exhausting 12-hour rehearsal, during which Brianna Davis felt so anxious about taking a restroom break that she soiled herself. Instead of providing proper support, Davis was allegedly given a see-through outfit without undergarments to continue performing.

Additionally, the lawsuit mentions weight and race-motivated harassment. When the dancers requested compensation for downtime at 50% of their weekly pay, they were allegedly offered only 25% by an accountant, who scolded them for being “unacceptable and disrespectful.” The lawsuit notes that this exclusively affected the dance cast, comprised of full-figured women of color.

Read more about the lawsuit here: Lizzo is Being Sued By Ex-Dancers for Alleged Sexual Harassment and Creating a Toxic Work Environment

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