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Beyoncé is Reportedly Planning a Destiny’s Child Reunion for their 20th Anniversary

Beyoncé has been keeping busy this past few months. In between promoting her latest film, The Lion King, the American superstar has been secretly at work, discussing the reunion of the popular ’90s girl band Destiny’s Child. According to reports, Beyoncé is getting the members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams back together for a reunion which will coincide with the 20th anniversary of Williams joining Destiny’s Child to form the iconic trio.

A music insider told The Sun, “Beyoncé has been desperate to get the girls back together with her in the studio and she can’t think of a better time than 2020, when they will be marking two decades as one of the world’s biggest all-female groups.”

Fans of Destiny’s Child should also know that the reunion is said to include a major tour of the US and Europe in 2020, as well as possible new music. The source added, “She saw the success of the Spice Girls tour and wants to replicate that — but far bigger and better. It’s early days but they want to record new music and put it out alongside some of their biggest hits.”

“Then they want to do a tour which will be short enough for them to fit it into their schedules, but big enough to make sure all their fans can make a date to see them. As well as going around the US they want to play dates in Europe, including the UK,” said the source about the tour.

The last studio album came from the RnB trio 15 years ago, named Destiny Fulfilled. In 2004, the trio split to pursue their solo careers and recently got back on stage for Beyoncé’s headline set at Coachella in 2018, which was featured in Beyoncé’s Netflix movie, Homecoming.

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