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This Week in Audio: Best Podcasts to Keep Up with The World

Whether you want to catch up with the current world affairs while you bake your weekend tea cake or listen to your favorite celebrity interview while you vacuum clean your living room – there is a podcast for everyone out there. Here are some of the best ones to tune into this week:

Code Switch (Racism)

Code Switch is a weekly podcast by journalists of color who discuss and share their thoughts on race in America from every angle. Whether it’s through a pop culture, historical, or political lens, race is the cornerstone of all conversations discussed. This podcast covers everything from the latest protests to race and the intersection of coronavirus, to how Dora the Explorer mattered as a way to usher in multicultural children’s TV programs.

The Lonely Palette (Art)

In this podcast, host Tamar Avishai helps return art history to the masses, one painting at a time. Every episode is a deep dive into the subject matter, covering the movement and social context surrounding the piece.

Creative Conversations with Suzy Menkes (Fashion)

Suzy Menkes, the editor of Vogue International, has just launched Creative Conversations, a series of in-depth interviews with top designers. The first episode, with Dior’s Maria Grazia Chiuri, covers everything from the challenges and changes the fashion industry is facing and will have to face, whether it will be possible to show couture and the relationship between fashion and art.

The Splendid Table (Food)

The Splendid Table is a food podcast that is hosted by food writer Francis Lam and includes interviews with experts, short stories, history lessons, opinion pieces, recipes, and cooking tips as well as audience Q&As.

The Ultimate Health Podcast (Health)

Co-hosts Marni Wasserman and Dr Jesse Chappus interview natural health and wellness experts on topics such as meditation, diet, and insomnia. The podcast focuses on empowering the listener to make proactive choices about health, by providing holistic information and alternative viewpoints to mainstream medical thinking.

Happier (Motivational)

As its name implies, this podcast series is all about becoming the happiest version of oneself. In this series, from work and friendships to productivity and creativity, Rubin uses humor and human nature to help you live a happier life.

Comedy Bang Bang (Humor)

Now in its eleventh year, host Scott Aukerman’s talk show features celebrity guests chatting with fictional characters. If you manage to binge all 600+ of its hilarious episodes, don’t forget to check out the five-season TV series available on Netflix.

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