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Best Iraqi Restaurants In Dubai: 6 Must-Visit Spots For Authentic Cuisine

You may consider yourself a foodie, but until you have sampled the quintessential fare at the best Iraqi restaurants in Dubai, you can’t call yourself a true gourmand. Spices, herbs and flavors come together for a mellifluous melange in the region’s cuisine. And you don’t have to take our word for it, either. Ahead, we take a closer look at the thriving wave of Iraqi food in Dubai that will have you Googling, “Iraqi restaurants near me.”  

Al Maskoof Al Iraqi best Iraqi restaurants in Dubai

Al Maskoof Al Iraqi

What is traditional Iraqi food?

  • Counted among the oldest cuisines in the world, Iraqi food has a rich abundance of Persian and Turkish influences. 
  • Lamb often serves as the star of the dishes found in the best Iraqi restaurants in Dubai—no points for guessing.
  • However, other hallmarks of the cuisine also include dolma—veggies stuffed with meat and rice. 
  • The meal is often accompanied with flatbread and an assortment of dips, olives and cheese. 

What is Iraq’s national dish?

  • While the cuisine has a variety of classic flavors to offer, any visit to an Iraqi establishment is incomplete without trying the country’s national food: masgouf. 
  • Often sold by the kilo, masgouf features butterflied fish that is prepared with an ancient Iraqi grilling method. 
  • Once the fresh catches of the day have been marinated, they are then grilled in a circular manner over fruit-tree wood. 
  • The culinary experience is best followed up by dates and a cup of classic Iraqi tea infused with cardamom and heavy on the sugar. 

Which are the most famous Iraqi restaurants in Dubai?

Feeling hungry yet? For a culinary excursion unlike any other, you’ll want to bookmark our round-up of the best Iraqi restaurants in Dubai. Whether you are craving masgouf, succulent meats, the smell of freshly baked bread or regional dips, these are the Iraqi restaurants in Dubai that are worth your time and your dime. 

YABA by Chef Shaheen

“This restaurant does not serve traditional Iraqi food,” is the blurb splashed in bold letters on the restaurant’s website. And the reason isn’t much of a mystery. Chef Shaheen, of Masterchef UK fame, is on a mission to modernize the region’s cuisine. Today, he is known for his innovative fusion of traditional Iraqi dishes with international cuisines to create one-of-a-kind culinary masterpieces. 

YABA by Chef Shaheen best Iraqi restaurants in Dubai

YABA by Chef Shaheen

Don’t leave without: Working your way leisurely through Chef Shaheen’s inventive approach to Iraqi cuisine. Some highlights include Rumania—black angus beef short ribs stewed in pomegranate juice. If Dolma Iraqi food has been on your foodie bucketlist, you’ll want to sample Chef Shaheen’s iteration smoked with applewood. 


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Make a day out of it: With the azure waters of the Jumeirah beach beckoning at a short ten-minute drive, you’ll want to extend your lunch plans into a leisurely evening. Sit back and feast your eyes on the iconic silhouette of Burj Al Arab as you rub shoulders with tourists and locals alike.

Book reservations here or visit YABA by Chef Shaheen – Vita Mall – Al Wasl Rd – Jumeirah – Jumeirah 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates, +9715 858 30332

Bestoon Samad Restaurant

In the early 1970s, a humble restaurant worker in Kirkuk, Iraq discovered his expertise in serving up sizzling kebabs that kept customers coming back for more. However, he could have scarcely imagined that his mastery over this regional delicacy would one day lead him to opening a chain of restaurants in Baghdad and Dubai. Today, Bestoon Samad Iraqi food restaurant serves up some of the finest exports of Iraqi cuisine in the traditional locale of Al Rigga Road. 

Bestoon Samad

Don’t leave without: Treating your tastebuds to an explosion of authentic Iraqi spices and flavors. The menu hits its high notes with a selection of spiced-just-right kibbeh and succulent grilled meats, making it one of the best Iraqi restaurants in Dubai.  

Make a day out of it: With its clout as Dubai’s first shopping mall, Al Ghurair Centre reopened doors in 2013 after an extensive makeover. Have some time to kill before your meal? Catch up on the latest releases in a luxury platinum suite at Reel Cinemas. Meanwhile, the little ones can enjoy an animated caper at the Reel Junior theatre with comfy beanbag seating. 

Book reservations here or visit Bestoon Samad Restaurant – Al Ghurair Centre – Al Rigga Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates, +9714 261 1710

Kabab Erbil Iraqi Restaurant

How do you distill the essence of a 10,000-year-old cuisine into one concise menu? Kabab Erbil, one of the best Iraqi restaurants in Dubai, has the answers. Hailing from Kurdistan, founder Azad Omar’s culinary journey began in Kirkuk, Iraq. The homely touch in his traditional Iraqi dishes soon won over hearts and Kabab Erbil has since opened doors in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. And it is this unspoken sense of pride that shines through in the Iraqi food menu that pays an ode to heritage favorites. 

Don’t leave without: While the menu offers a wide range of hot and cold appetizers, it is the morning menu that will elevate it to one of your go-to breakfast spots in Dubai. Elevate your palate with the whiff of Iraqi patcha or a hearty plate of makhlama. Of course, the meal can only end by sipping on a steaming cup of classic Iraqi tea or Turkish coffee. 

Kabab Erbil Iraqi Restaurant

Make a day out of it: Kabab Erbil Iraqi Restaurant Jumeirah serves as a popular stop along the beachfront. But the payoff for making the trip to Deira comes in the form of immersing yourself in the centuries-old history of the area. Carry the gastronomical high forward  by popping by the spice souk and end the day by feeling the wind rifle through your hair on an abra boat ride. 

Book reservations here or visit Kabab Erbil Iraqi Restaurant – 10 Al Muraqqabat St – Deira – Dubai – United Arab Emirates, +9714 272 0843

Al Maskoof Al Iraqi

From Dubai to London, Al Maskoof Al Iraqi’s olive green awning has been winning over hearts—and palates—across the globe for over two decades. Find out what the hype is all about for yourself by stepping into the snowy-white confines of one of the best Iraqi restaurants in Dubai. A refreshingly minimalistic approach to the space finds expression in the clean canvas of its walls punctuated by pops of greenery. 

best Iraqi restaurants in Dubai

Al Maskoof Al Iraqi

Don’t leave without: Sampling the freshly baked Iraqi bread that elevates basic sandwiches with marinated tawouk and irresistible lamb kebabs. The classic masgouf, of course, assumes centrestage as the dish that will keep you coming back for more—no surprises there.

Make a day out of it: Once you have made your way through the must-try Iraqi food in Dubai, you’ll want to walk off the meal with a leisurely stroll through Umm Suqeim. With plenty of public beaches to be explored and boat tours available, a trip to Al Maskoof Al Iraqi has all the makings of a memorable day with the fam. 

Book reservations here or visit Al Maskoof Al Iraqi – Villa – 1083 Al Wasl Rd – opposite Umm Suqeim – Al Safa – Dubai – United Arab Emirates, +9715 075 46017

Samad Al Iraqi Restaurant

If you’ve been on the hunt for authentic Iraqi restaurants, allow Samad Al Iraqi to wish you back through the sands of time to (re)discover its 6,000-year-old legacy. Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian and Assyrian influences work their way into a sumptuous menu that promises a hearty feast for every palate. With a global footprint in Baghdad, London and Kuala Lumpur, you can witness the magic for yourself at the restaurant’s outpost in Jumeirah Beach. 

Samad Al Iraqi Restaurant

Don’t leave without: Taking your pick from the Iraqi menu that champions shawarma tashrib, meat maqluba and other regional delicacies. An accompanying menu of international staples offers up tenderloin steak, meat scallops and a range of pastas. 

Make a day out of it: If you are looking to cool down from the scorching glare of the sun, the white sands and calm waters of the Arabian Gulf make for a welcome reprieve. For the perfect end to a day of leisure, catch a sunset ride on the traditional dhow. 

Book reservations here or visit Samad Al Iraqi Restaurant – Jumeirah Beach Park Plaza – opposite Jumeirah Beach Park Centre – Jumeirah Beach Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates, +9714 342 7887

Masgouf London

For a cozy just-like-home ambiance, your Saturday night plans will inevitably lead you to Masgouf London. While the interior of the restaurant is dotted with homely finishes and bric-à-brac, winters call for serene meals outdoors surrounded by mood lighting and thoughtful water features to dial down the sounds of Jumeirah traffic. 

Masgouf London best Iraqi restaurants in Dubai

Masgouf London

Don’t leave without: Working your way through a host of must-try Iraqi dishes. The lamb tashreeb, kouzi, dolma, stew okra and chicken kabsa will all have you calling for seconds. 

Make a day out of it: Complete the cultural immersion by crossing the street over to the Jumeirah Mosque. For six days every week, local representatives conduct a guided tour for guests of all faiths to get a glimpse into the Emirati way of life. 

Book reservations here or visit Masgouf London – A – 52 B St – Jumeirah 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates, +9715 535 47999

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