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The Best Cooking Shows to Watch on Netflix Right Now

Chef's Table, Netflix

A still from Chef’s Table. Courtesy of Netflix

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next meal, or for a show to unwind to at the end of a long day or week at work — you can’t go wrong with a cooking show. There is something inscrutably relaxing about watching a genius at work in the kitchen and diving into the minds of those who create exceptional dishes from local produce and challenge the status quo when it comes to food.  That’s why we have put together the best food and cooking shows to watch on Netflix right now:

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat

In what might just be the best cooking and travel show since the times of Bourdain – Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat follows New York Times Magazine food columnist and TV show host Samin Nosrat across the globe as she highlights the elements of food she claims are essential to a delicious dish. The four-part mini-series is the perfect complement to Nosrat’s book by the same name.

Chef’s Table

Created by Jiro Dreams of Sushi director David Gelb, this sublime show is not just a show on food but is a show about culture, history, language, and most importantly, hope. Famously known for being Netflix’s very first docu-series, Chef’s Table focuses on one renowned chef with each episode, examining their stories and what drives each to turn their craft into artistry.

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Ugly Delicious

David Chang, the mastermind behind Momofuku, takes us on an exciting culinary journey from Domino’s Pizza to gourmet Neapolitan pies, while demonstrating the beauty of food and all interpretations of it.

Restaurants On The Edge

A restaurateur, designer, and chef travel across the world to help salvage businesses of restaurants that have fallen on hard times or make them even more successful. From a traditional Greek family restaurant on the edge of a Sicilian cliff to  one in Malta – they have it covered.

The Final Table

An all American cooking competition hosted by food writer and critic Andrew Knowlton – The Final Table is very reminiscent of hit tv show MasterChef. The premise follows two chefs who team up to form 12 international teams to create restaurant-quality dishes based on classic recipes from a specific country. Every episode focuses on a new type of cuisine.

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